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Air fare was not fun to book.

The early prices - this was 5 months out were all over $400 for same day fly in then out on departure day.

I first booked fly in the day before - 9PM flight out and arrive at 2AM in Puerto Rico - then put my feet up in the airport for a few hours then to the ship. This cost $220 total.

But my first travel partner could not go and my friend of over 50 years could. He would be flying from same locations. Airfare was about $600 at this time for just about any flight..... This was with 2 months plus to go.

Well I caught a day or time when prices went down and it cost me $330 to book his air fare and the mine cost the rebooking fee to get on a better leaving flight.

So we ended up paying about $330 per - no bag cost in there yet.
Fly in out at about 9pm then into SanJuan after 2AM (time change in here) then fly home the day we get off at about 2pm - airport here about 5pm.
So you really have to watch the air cost every day and sometimes twice a day.

Right now if you were looking for the same air for the Summitt Cruise on the 16th it is a mess from where I am. Nothing I could find to get you there same day out of Newark to the ship. Best your looking at is an overnight also and stay somewhere (extra cost) and get there in the afternoon on the 16th. And this would cost you as much as the lower priced cruise.

I always wonder how a cruise line can keep and feed us for 7 days at say $500 and an airline just to get there, 4 hour flight, costs $500......
Go figure.....
We be Cruzin... Summitt - from San Juan.
January 2nd - ...... To the South.
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