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Not sure if you wrote realize you said they both don't include taxes.

That is generally true of ANY cruise quote you see anywhere - that is does include what used to be called "port fees" but it does not include taxes. That is an industry standard that should apply to every cruise quote you ever see. if it does not, you should be notified as to what exactly it does not include.

I used to know one cruise agency who constantly quoted cruises excluding port fees. He was an attorney. He rightly claimed it was not a LAW that quotes do not have to contain port fees, but it was a voluntary agreement the industry came up with with (i think ) the FTC to standardize quotes which they all adhered to so a law wasn't necessary.

This one agent drove m nuts. He had Arthur Frommer fooled and Arthur would quote his "exclusive low prices" on his national radio show all the time. They guy was basically a liar - he had the same prices as everyone and generally tried to charge more, but he always told the media he had "exclusively low prices no one else gets."

What a maroon - as they say.
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