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Default Re: Cruising South America

Originally Posted by cruisinggalcanada
Hi.........we are taking our 1st cruise of South America. I've seen alot of posts from people who have done these cruises, and I'm seeking your help. When you arrive in the ports, i.e. Rio De Janario, are things to do within walking distance? For example, the famous Copocabana Beach. If we do not take a tour, can we get there by walking or short taxi ride? Also when we arrive in Bueones Aries, is there things to do around the port? Any help with regards to arriving in ports while on the South American cruise would help. And should we be packing more colder weather clothes like pants and long sleeve tops, for when you go down around the Cape? Thanks
HI, in Rio de Janeiro and in Buenos Aires is better take a private taxi because it isnt too near,, i recommend you visit San Telmo and Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires. In Puerto MAdryn is in Patagonia is a small city but the pier is a little far,,, but there are busses. there a took PUNTA TOMBO tour which we saw nearly 1 million penguins walking among us....
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