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Default Moscow Canal on St. Petersburg-Moscow cruise

A couple of nights ago, I saw a documentary about the Moscow Canal. It was built by Stalin in 4-1/2 years. He used up to 200,000 slave laborers, with many dying. Many small villages were destroyed. It provides most of the drinking water for Moscow. The cruise line will probably NOT even mention the background of the building of this canal. Of one point, you will see a church spire rising out of the water. It was left to be used as a light house. The village was flooded around the spire.

When my wife and I were in Moscow's Red Square in 2000, I saw in my mind's eye the huge military parades, and the communist leaders on top of Lenin's tomb. If you visit the tomb, NO photography, and it is very dark. You can stumble if you are not careful!

There are several great little coffee shops/cafes in the GUM department store across from the tomb. Also, make sure you visit St. Basil Cathedral inside. But dop not get lost in the 8 chapels!

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