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Default Re: Dolphin Swim

Originally Posted by Debs123
Thank you for the information. Did you do the tour in Tortola?
Yes... quite a pleasant, if simplistic Caribbean Island..

If so, did you find the water to be nasty? On one of the reviews that I read they said the water was slimmy and dirty and they didn't want to get into it.
The area where we swam was fine, don't expect the sparkling clear blue crystal water you see in the advertising pictures, but it was fine!

The tour is costing us $ 169.00 per person and I don't want to waste my money if it is nasty. They also said they had lunch there did your tour come with Lunch?
Our tour, at that time, did not include lunch

Did the dolphins appear healthy and could you really touch and play with them?
I think that is what impressed me the most was the condition of the dolphins. All healthy (I'm no expert, other than what I see on the nature channels) but they were alert, playful and responded well to all the commands from the trainer. And yes, we each got to "shake a flipper", get a dolphin kiss and of course, we each had a "dolphin ride" where two dolphins came along and carried you along for a short trip!

Thanks Again for the information
Your welcome!

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