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Originally Posted by New Mom
I will be going with Carnival...they charge $500 for the baby.
$500 is pretty much the same fee that you would pay to have any third person in the cabin. It's a ripoff. And what's worse ... Carnival is going to expect you to pay auto-tips for the baby too.

HAL is pretty much the same way and that's why I could never figure out why parents would want to bring a child that young along. At least if the kids are older, they get something for the money. They can participate in lots of activities, both in and out of the children's program, and can use the pools and other facilities. In other words, they get their $500 worth. But a baby?

Are you "married" to Carnival for this cruise? Seriously, if not ... I would seriously consider another line where perhaps babies might be free (or $99). MSC comes to mind ... and perhaps Costa.

This is exactly why I've always shaken my head in wonder when parents bring very young children on cruises. The cruise lines gouge them for the kids, and I know that I personally wouldn't be willing to pay it. $500 for what? The kid can't participate in anything onboard, can't use the pools, is probably not gonna eat much of their food, etc. What are you getting for your $500?

Personally, I would sooner find a trusted family member to leave the child at home with, or just postpone the cruise to a point in time when baby can take advantage of more of the onboard offerings ... such as the children's club and pools.

That's just my opinion ...

Blue skies ...

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