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David and I complained on one H.A.L. Veendam cruise out of Tampa. Our air conditioning didn't work at all, the toilet didn't flush, our phone was non-functional most of the time, the shower regularly stopped flowing just about the time we were all lathered up with soap and/or shampoo. The shower sewer would not drain, on the rare occasion that the shower actually worked.The worst part was the room that was always 85 degrees or higher. day and night. They offered us a little eight inch fan to solve the problem, no kidding!

After five days of complaints, we were finally given a $150 in a shipboard credit. A different cabin would have gone a long ways to make us happy. But this was not in the cards I guess. This made our cruise very uncomfortable.

Oh I forgot, our smoke alarm went off at least 20 nimes with no provocation and not at times wheny either of us were attempting to shower with water that did not flow most of the time. Finally their answer to this was to remove the battery, not repair it. UGH!
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