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Windjammer yachts put up for sale in Caribbean
Listen up, all you cash-rich shipowners looking to splurge on a large private sailing yacht.
If you are in search of a fix-me-upper, you should head for the Caribbean island of Aruba on 10 September, where the local authorities will auction the perfect conversion candidate.
On the sales block will be the majestic four-masted, 64-metre schooner Polynesia (built 1939), last operated by failed Miami-based cruise operator Windjammer Barefoot Cruises.
The vessel already has accommodation for 126 passengers, although you might want to convert some of the dormitory space into cabins more suited to your upscale guests.
And do not worry if somebody outbids you at the auction. There are plenty more Windjammer ships available elsewhere in the Caribbean.
The 66-passenger Yankee Clipper (built 1927), the 76-passenger Flying Cloud (built 1935) and 72-passenger Mandalay (built 1923) are waiting for new employment in Grenada, while the company's flagship, the 140-passenger Legacy (built 1959), is sitting idle in Costa Rica.
And if a sail-powered yacht is not your thing, the 1,585-gt passenger-cargo vessel Amazing Grace (built 1955) is laid up in a Trinidadian yard alongside the 3,700-gt former research vessel Discoverer (built 1966).
With some imagination and a thick wad of cash, you could get a nice motor-yacht out of one of those.

published: 05 September 2008
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