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I am almost too embarrassed to write about the two times I received compensation for altered itineraries.

First instance was New Year's Day 2003. We were notified that due to work that needed to be done on a pod, the ship was going to drop a port visit to Costa Rica, add a port visit to Cozumel, drop a sea day, and spend two overnights in Key West. For this "hardship," they gave us open bar for last week of cruise $500 per person future cruise credit and $100 per person shipboard credit.

Second instance was Alaska in Sep 06 on same ship. We had a pod problem coming out of Hubbard Glacier heading towards Whittier. They had to turn off one pod. We were also going into a storm. Therefore, we received an announcement during dinner on the penultimate night that we were going to be extended an extra day. It sure was hard having one more day of cruise for no extra money. The insurance company paid for additional costs due to rerouting air but cruise line came through with $400 per person future cruise credit for putting up with the "hardship."

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