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My one letter of complaint, got me a very nice letter and, a $300.00 certificate from Royal Caribbean.

Back in the 90's, believe it or not, the brochures did not notate, obstructed cabins. I purchased what the ta, thought was an outside cabin, so surprise, surprise, when we opened the door. We had a great cruise, but, I decided to write to them to tell, them I didn't get what I thought we were getting, and, how would we have known, since it was not notated.

I prefaced my letter, stating how much we enjoyed the Majesty, but this one thing disturbed me. The letter from RCI admitted this should be corrected, however, the next brochure was already printed, but rest assured, after that, all brochures would be clear on the matter. They included, my voucher, and needless to say I was thrilled to death. I was also able to use this, as a deposit as well, which I did....Kudo's to RCI!

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