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Trunk Bay is sooooo nice. You just need to take a ferry from either Charlotte Amalie or Red Hook to St. John. Then it's a short cab ride to Trunk Bay which is part of a U.S. National Park. I don't recall any storage facilities at St. John though when we were there a couple of months ago.

If you take the ferry from Charlotte Amalie the ferry leaves from a location relatively close to where many of the ships dock at Havensight, (unless you happen to dock at Crown Bay by chance) But Charlotte Amalie is still closer than Red Hook. The catch is that if you take the ferry from Charlotte Amalie the ferry ride takes about 40 minutes, if you ferry from Red Hook it only takes about 20 minutes. We went from Red Hook, and I wish we had opted for the ferry from Charlotte Amalie because the traffic was horrendous due to a fire at a landfill which resulted in some closed road and evacuations.

Be aware that traffic around the havensight port area can get very congested and slow especially in the late afternoon. So plan your return accordingly.

If you decide to stick with Coki, do contact Peter at Coki Beach Divers and ask him if he has storage you can use. When we scuba dove with his company, he allowed us to store our valuables.
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