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Default Bump!

You'll have to forgive me for bumping ancient threads. Just trying to regenerate some dialogue in topics in which I have an expressed interest.

Now then, what say you about guys wearing toe rings? I'll be the first to volunteer that most men don't give their feet the attention most women do. But there are some gents who really take care of themselves and could get away with the look. I just so happen to be one but that's not my motivation. I just like to push the envelope. When it comes to fashion - if someone asks me why, I reply "why not?." If I am told I shouldn't, I ask "why shouldn't I?"
Now I'm a logical chap and will listen to reason but if someone says "you can't" without a valid argument to back it up - boy that pushes my buttons!

*Braces for the onslaught*[/i]

Controlled and deliberate input, lest you chuck it all away!

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