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Default Re: Cruising During Hurricane Season!!!

We usually cruise in hurricane season because it is cheaper and we have usually hit, missed ports, or had bad seas with hurricanes but all and all for the money and opportunity to sail that is fine with us... Typically they will not cancel and it is the first I've heard them actually changing the day the ship left - 9 nights instead of 7 and 5 instead of 7 - last year - usually the timing isn't on a weekend that will effect the ships but the ships have to sail - if they are in port they can get a lot of damage. Usually you will have high seas and maybe a day or two of rain trying to get around the storm and that may make you miss or change ports with tendering or ports that got hit by the hurricane and are damaged but that is all.... Have fun! It really is kind of neat to be on board and see how the ocean reacts - they have to stay a long way from the hurricane so you should be safe and we have always felt safe. Now that rouge wave that hit the NCL Dawn would have been really neat - since it didn't sink... Debbie
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