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Lelia A. Mackin
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April 26, 2008

Mr. Michael D. Burke
Windjammer Cruises
1759 Bay Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139-1413

Dear Mr. Burke:

In your e-mail (see attached copy) to me of October 24, 2007 you stated that I would receive a full refund of my $500 deposit for my scheduled sailing on the Polynesia on December 22, 2007: Booking # 3550650 which Windjammer Cruises cancelled.

I have made telephone, e-mail, and fax requests for this refund, but I have not received my refund.

Because you have delayed so long in making the refund you promised, I can no longer make a request through my credit card or bank which apparently was your intention. My bank recommended that I initiate a claim through my Small Claims Court which I intend to do if I do not receive a positive response to this letter and my $500 on or before May 8, 2008. A copy of this letter will be provided to the Small Claims Court along with all the other documentation I have. If my Small Claims Court action is not successful, I intend to ask my personal attorney to take appropriate legal action against Windjammer Cruises.

My parents, my sister, and I are repeat vacationers on Windjammer Cruises. It’s most unfortunate that our relationship has to end in this manner.


Lelia A. Mackin
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