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yes you could say i have experiances with joey burke and the june b, on a recent google search came accross you 4 part article from last november which i found very interesting, they should sell the rights to hollywood, it would make an excellent movie

my interest in windjammer is only vicarious, i am many decades in shipping, always in the husbandry side, mostly cargo ships, but from dealings with joey, became attached to the windjammer saga and the strange cult like following these boats had, it's a truly amazing story

i do however have quite a bit of experiance in the operation of cruise ships
and management of flag of convienance companies, it amazes me how easily some people are parted with their money, ignorance is not bliss, and although it's tragic, i can't say i feel sorry for some of the fools that fell for the con and lost money, and it's not just windjammer, there are plenty of bad cruise deals out there, anyone taking a cruise should research the company and the ship closely before spending their hard earned cash

as for the june b, she struggles on, i have never lost a dime as knew better to fall prey to his con's, but many others were not so lucky

keep following this story, appreciate your excellent reporting, will be sure look for updates to this story, will post be sure to post what clues i pick up on
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