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Default Re: Smoking on Caribbean Princess - do the cabins smell of s

Originally Posted by Paul D
I have cruised on Carnival and Royal Caribbean in the past. This will be our first time on Princess Cruiselines. We are taking the Caribbean Princess in July

We are concerned that people have smoked in the cabins. We really don't like the smell of smoke. I know Royal does not allow smoking in the cabins. I don't recall if Carnival allows it but we never had an issue in the cabins. We actually miss the CarnivalParidse which for a while was a smoke free ship.

I would like to hear from non-smokers and get their feedback on how much do the cabins smell of smoke. After the trip did your clothes smell of smoke? Any tricks of getting rid of the smoke smell.

Thanks for the help,

Paul, RCIs policy for non snoking cabins just went into affect a few months ago so if you cruised them before this year smoking was allowed. You probably have had cabins where some have been smokers, Carnival allows smoking as does Princess. I have only smelled smoke in one cabin, it happened to be HAL. Obviously the occupants before us were smokers. We could smell it when we first entered the cabin but after about 2 or 3 minutes not. I really don't think you have anything to worry about. You will get the most smoke smell in the casino and even then there are a couple of non smoking nights for those who do want to gamble but can't stand the smell.

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