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I am sorry, but I find it hard to believe they are "judgement-proof. " They may be broke as a corporation, but I believe they have plenty of assets, including personal ones.

Remember - these folks took millions of dollars collectively. That money went somewhere, it wasn't used for kindling, and at least three of their opporations were US-based corporations; WBCL, The SeaChest and the LaMer operation. That LaMer money was siphoned off, but that doesn't mean they are judgement-proof.

Bankruptcy laws have changed a great deal. You can't just tell people "sorry, I don't have the money" anymore.

Another very serious avenue that has been overlooked is the Admiralty Law which is prosecutable in the United States in the Federal Courts.

Take a look at this article: (Scroll down to where it says United States')

I think one of those hot Miami Maritime attorneys will get on this soon enough if there is anything there.

Another factor not to be overlooked is whether the Burkes have been paying taxes on this money they brought in. I think the US government will be rather upset if they find out US consumers spent millions of dollars in the US and our government didn't get its fair share.
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