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My sense is that there are people out there who do "give a damn" but they will certainly give MORE of a damn if more people complain.

Unfortunately, the correct process for filing complaints was not well documented at first. Few people knew where to go to do so.

My position was to wait and see what happened in April. That was the time WJ said it needed to reorganize. It now appears that was really more of a ruse to just disappear, but the majority of people seemed to want to give them the benefit if the doubt.

I have to say I was surprised to hear that only about 60 people all told had even contacted the Florida Sellers of Travel. However, 150 did contact the Atty General. That was just the wrong course.

The more people who complain the greater the final "punishment" will be.

My goal is to send a clear message to the Burkes and future "Windjammers" and other travel scammers, that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. That you will pay the price if you break the rules.

Would it give you any satisfaction for your money knowing that at the very least you sent a strong message to the people who took it?

By the way - it is possible to file a small claims lawsuit. They will likely just ignore it, so you will get a judgement by default. I don't know the law, but maybe a lawyer can tell us if outstanding judgements have to be satisfied before any assets sold can have the proceeds distributed.
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