Windjammer Barefoot Cruises

Note: Windjammer Barefoot Cruises is out of business. They never officially declared bankruptcy or reorganization. The company essentially just closed up shop and disappeared, leaving many people losing lots of money. The full story is contained in the articles below.

10-4-07: Rumors of Windjammer Demise All indications are that Windjammer Cruises is in deep financial trouble. Rumors started in November 2007 that cruise passengers were not allowed to board the ships, and that crewmembers, who had not been paid, were stuck living on ships with no power or air conditioning.

The situation deteriorated to the point where there were reports of passengers arriving to find ships left empty by the crew because the fuel had run out. Why something was not done sooner to protect the company, and to prevent the continued sales of tickets when it was becoming obvious the cruises would not be taking place cannot be said. In any case, a survey of travel agents showed that they were all well aware of the situation months ago and had stopped selling Windjammer already.

When we discovered these problems we did a series of articles on Windjammer's woes you can read here:

Windjammer Cruises: The End of an Empire -- Part 1 . Here is the complete story on the rise and fall of a cruise legend, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises.

Windjammer Cruises: The End of an Empire -- Part 2 . The story continues about the rise and fall of a cruise legend, and the people responsible for its demise.

Windjammer Cruises: The Plot Thickens -- Part 3 . In Part Three we see the family behind Windjammer tightening the hatches, but close ties start to create friction in the family.

Windjammer Cruises: The Final Installment. In Part 4 of this series we learn that none of the Windjammer ships are sailing any longer, and the first lawsuits have been filed. What will the sharks do when they smell blood?

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