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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Voyager of the Seas& Dave Western Caribbean May, 2000

Most all who know me know that I am partial to RCL ships! Not just because I think they are the most beautiful in their design, but because IMHO, they have the fantastic moral that is so needed on a cruise ship.

As we approached the turn from the airport bus taking us to our ship, the Voyager sat at her dock BIG and proud! Never have I experienced such amazement (well, perhaps when I saw the Monarch -the first cruise ship I had ever been on and seen up close and personal)lol.

I will start with Embarkment....simple, easy, beautifully done. The new dock is a sight to see! No complaints whatsoever. Everyone did their job and did it well....we were on the ship within 15 minutes (there were 6 of us from same family cruising together).

One thing I that did concern me before boarding was the size - although I prefer bigger ship, I was afraid there would be too much wasted walking, getting lost, etc. Not a problem at all. The ship is laid out so that it is easy to get from one spot to another and remembering was easy after the first day. Not so on the Grand last year! Never did understand the layout of that ship. Again, this is only my opinion.

Most of the Mega ships have something for everyone to do no matter what their interest is. The Voyager just goes a bit beyond what is norm with it's ice skating rink, wall climbing and miniture golf. Although, I did not ice skate or rock climb, sure enjoyed watching others enjoying themselves! The ice show was every bit as good as the ones I have seen in Philadelphia -All Star Show. Try hard not to miss this show! You will be amazed!

The Centrum was absolutely beautiful. The aquarium a must see! I have never seen a Promenade Deck more festive, more eye appealing as that on the Voyager! At any given time you would see a magic show there, comics, stores galore, plenty to eat, sit and enjoy a drink and people watch. One sight I personally found that touched my heart was watching people stroll enjoying an old fashioned ice cream cone - jimmies and all! I am not sure why I enjoyed that so much, but I did! It perhaps brought back a memory from my youth or tugged a bit at the inexpensive things in life, yet the most enjoyable ones!

The dining rooms were the most beautiful of all the ships I have been on....Voyager was my 11th cruise. Our waiters were just wonderful and so was our wine stewart. Dining was certainly enjoyable. My family and I thought the food was excellent. We felt the variety was satisfactory considering the size of this ship. We never received a bad meal and when we asked to sample a dish, were given it with a smile. The chandelier alone was worth seeing! What a handsome sight!

We ate in Johnny Rockets once during lunch. Food was very good -waited approximately 20 minutes to be seated. It was free except for the sodas and milk shakes. Friday evening we ate in Portofino's......truly a pleasure and so delicious. Try not to miss eating there -make your reservations as soon as you board.

Entertainment was wonderful. We saw most shows. We felt they were equal to many broadway shows we have seen, just not as long.

The VAULT! Oh my - did we have fun here! Met many new friends nightly. Music was wonderful, loud but then it is a disco! Bartenders were so friendly. Noticed that several 'younger teens' made it in every night, some nights were asked to leave, other nights did not get 'caught'.

The pool deck was awesome. Always had a chair, perhaps not exactly our first choice to sit for the day, but it was our fault for not getting down there by 7:30am! Many seats were saved -with no one in sight -did not let this become an issue with us.....just sat elsewhere. We only saved when at least 1/2 of our family was there! We took turns eating breakfast. The pools were always clean and at times supervised by RCL. There were tooooo many children on the ship (it was Easter week) but still feel RCL needs to address this issue. There needs to be a limit no matter which week one cruises. Capt. Johnny did have to make an announcement to remind parents and children that there was a curfew and to keep track of their children (not his exact words but you get the point I hope).

Voyager seemed to have fun Children's Programs. My nieces, 12 and 10 decided not to get involved in them this cruise as they had met several kids on line before the cruise and swam and enjoyed things like ping-pong and basketball with them. We did, however, take the tour to see what was offered.

The Purser's desk personal were always helpful and cheerful. Our cabin stewart was wonderful. The refrigerator was always kept stocked. We did miss having the space to put our own sodas and water and beer in them....but not a big deal to us.

All in all, we LOVED the cruise to date and have booked on Explorer next April.

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