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Voyager of the Seas
by Willene
Eastern Mediterranean
May 27, 2006

We have just returned from the first Mediterranean cruise the Voyager of the Seas had and must say that it was most enjoyable. It was our 4th cruise with Royal Caribbean International. Although the route was very similar to the one we had on the Brilliance of the Seas in 2003, the itinerary was excellent in view of the fact that we had only one day at sea.

There are also noticeable refurbishments done to the ship, new carpets and new decorations. The food was also much better than we had on the same ship when traveling from New York to Canada.

I know it is impossible for everybody to get a cabin in the middle of the ship, but it was a blessing in disguise. The previous time we were in the front of the ship and walked ourselves to death to get to the other side. This time it was either to the left or to the right.

We were very fortunate to sail very close to Corsica because of an emergency on board. A person had to be taken to the hospital in Corsica on our second day (it was our day at sea). It was spectacular to see the limestone rocks with all the caves and azure seas. The city of Bonafaccio lies on the top of the island with a long city wall. Everybody was on deck to take pictures and videos. We hope that the person who was taken to hospital is fine and had recovered completely.

I have a few complaints i e:

We were sailing in the Mediterranean and it was supposed to be early summer, our weather was as expected, clear, but a bit chilly still. The temperature in the public areas however was extremely cold. If you dress to have breakfast in the Windjammer before you go on an excursion and it is a nice and sunny day outside you will have to go back to your cabin to get rid warm clothing. It is impossible to walk in the passages and public areas with a sleeveless top, it is just too cold. Formal nights were a nightmare with sleeveless gowns and a cold diningroom, promenade deck and bars.

They have also changed the time for the late dining room seating from 21h00 to 21h30. We never left our table earlier than 23h30, because food is served for all at the table at the same time, no matter if you eat a starter or salad before your entrée. In the past the shows for the late seating were before you go for dinner, now it is afterwards! The shows only start at 23h30. Most of the excursions are very early, the one for Lucca was at 7h00 and you are supposed to be there 15 min before the actual time. So be prepared for just a little sleep if you must still eat breakfast and go on an excursion the next morning after you have been to a show the previous night.

We actually have skipped most of the shows, just because of the fact it was too late.

Our cabin's remote control for the TV did also not work.

The drinks on the ship are very expensive and forget to buy something at the duty free shop to take to your cabin with corkage as in the past. It is just not allowed to bring any alcohol to your cabin. The waiters in the Viking Crown Lounge are hopeless, except for one girl. The other could hardy understand English and if they repeat your order it is some funny stuff that comes out and we were twice served with the wrong drinks.

I think Johnny Rockets is a horrible little restaurant. The decoration is like an old café of the sixties and the burgers are really not worth the effort.

As I have mentioned before the itinerary is good and the excursions worthwhile, except that some of the French tour guides cannot speak English even if they try to. The one who took us to Cassis was hopeless. I hoped that she will keep quiet on the return trip, but unfortunately she struggled on until we reached the ship. She was talking of a "donk" (donkey) and a "moo" (cow) and the rest of the sentences were just a hum and ha between some hardly understandable words.

Embarkation was a song as well as debarkation. We have opted for the Royal Caribbean bus to take us to the airport and they were so well organized! I will recommend their transport to the airport any time apart from the fact that it is more expensive than a taxi. The busses wait for you the moment you get your baggage and off you go.

We will recommend Royal Caribbean anytime apart from the few complaints.