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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Voyager of the Seas Bermuda June 24, 2005

My wife, children and I unfortunately booked a July 24 cruise from Cape Liberty, NJ to Bermuda on Voyager of the Seas. We never reached Bermuda, as Royal Caribbean altered the destination to St. John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This decision was reached by the cruise line two days before departure. However, they chose not to make this information available to their passengers until the day of the cruise. Many learned of the change when arriving at the dock. Royal Caribbean ignored the situation entirely, not even offering to refund the considerable difference in port charges until the captain (who appeared clueless) was confronted by a few hundred irate passengers.

The balance of the trip was comprised of Royal Caribbean issuing standard letters to our staterooms disclaiming their liability. They did not issue any credits, refunds or apologies and did not respond to complaint letters I sent. Many passengers are now filing complaints with the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, etc. And the cruise line has received much adverse publicity, but does not seem to care. All they care about is retaining every cent of the amount we paid them. BTW, cruises to Canada are priced at approximately 40% of cruises to Bermuda. Also, there was a couple scheduled to meet their family in Bermuda and be married on board. Royal Caribbean told them if they did not take the cruise to cold Canda they would lose all they had paid. Great customer service. Be warned. Royal Caribbean could care less about their customers. I hope their management gets exiled to St. John, New Brunswick in the middle of winter without coats ! Avoid Royal Caribbean at all costs.

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