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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Voyager of the Seas 42 Eastern Canada May 30, 2004

This Voyager cruise was a sheer delight. The only lines were those who like to queue up well before their appointed dinner hour. We ate in the dining room every night, arriving about 5-10 minutes after they promptly opened the doors for our seating, and walked straight to our table. Embarkation took much longer than expected, but due to no fault of Royal Caribbean. The ship was still debarking passengers at 5 p.m. although the ship arrived just before noon. We learned from several staff onboard that U.S. Customs apparently had some tip-off of some passengers trying to smuggle in drugs and therefore did an extremely thorough search of the ship before clearing anyone to get off. After several hours for this, the debarkation process for our 10 p.m. sailing began; however, by that time, hours and hours of baggage had accumulated with the porters who were a bit overwhelmed by it all but our luggage was at our cabin door by 9 p.m. Plus cars and other transportation to pick up debarking passengers were competing with the same trying to drop off embarking passengers or luggage or both. From reviews on other sites of subsequent cruises, people got promptly through embarkation and didn't have to sit in the huge reception area waiting for such a delayed debarkation as occurred on 5/30.

The parking lot at Bayonne is huge, charges $12 per day payable in cash or major credit card, and is adjacent to the embarkation/debarkation center. It is best to drop off your luggage with the porter first, re-circle the building and pull into the parking lot. The shuttle buses are not like those at airports and have no space of luggage, only people. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to a car deep in the lot from the terminal building so just bypass the shuttle. The pavement of the lot needs repair so pulling your suitcases is a bit of an adventure .. but so to is cruising! (smile)

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