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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Vision of the Seas by D. Marcus Mexico October 5, 2003

Royal Caribbean lost potentially thousands of cruise customers this past week.

Inclement weather in the Mexican Riviera caused concern due to the reports. Three cruise lines offer service to that area out of Los Angeles. They are: Carnival, Princess, and Royal Caribbean.

Here is how each Company handled that situation...

1. Princess - Their Captain elected to steam to the original ports of call. He rotated the days to elude the storms. Passengers I have spoken to indicated that despite occasional showers, high humidity, and some clean up, the ports did not disappoint. 2. Carnival - Elected to play it safe and stay away from the area, selecting San Francisco, Catalina, and Ensenada instead of Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. Some trade, huh? Realizing their customers frustration, the offered to deduct $300.00 off that cruise, and 50% off their next cruise with Carnival.

3. Royal Caribbean - Also played it safe and selected the same ports as Carnival. Any passengers wishing to disembark prior to sailing would receive 100.00 towards their next cruise. Those staying on board would receive 100.00 credit on this cruise and the 100.00 toward the next cruise. Obviously, the bottom line was more important than customer satisfaction. They were going to make their full profit despite their passengers disappointment. Perhaps this concern with the bottom line helps explain the mediocre food. When I asked their customer service operator if they were aware of the performance of the rival cruise companies, he indicated that since they (Royal Caribbean) were such an upscale company, he was surprised they offered anything at all!

I just wanted to make potential cruisers aware of service discrepancies between the companies, and which Lines really care about their passengers...

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