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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Splendour of the Seas Western Caribbean March 6, 2004

We drove to Galveston the day before sailing. Rode the ferry a few times. We had supper at Joe's Crab Shack. Super food, great atmosphere. We stayed at the Harbor View Inn onFerry Rd. $59.00--ocean view

DAY 1--While laying in bed at 5:30 a.m., we heard the horn blow. We jumped up and looked out the window, to see the Splendour coming around the east side of the island. We got dressed and ran down to the ferry landing to watck her come in to the port of Galveston. We returned to our room and packed and headed to the terminal to see the ship up close. She is bigger than the ships I've been on before. Afterbreakfast at the pancake house, we decided to go see what time we could board. At the Dolphin lot, they said to park and they would take is then. We were at the terminal at 11:00. Check in was a breeze. At 11:45, we were on board. Our luggage was already in our cabin when we arrived. We unpacked, and went to explore thie ship. We found our table in the dining room and took pics while the ship was still empty.At 4:00, we were meeting with our buddies we had met on line. (We wore matching shirts that I painted, so they could find us.) We skipped dinner in the dining room due to sailing at 6:00. We ate in the windjammer and had no complaints about the food. Found the casino, where we spent too much money. For the rest of the evening, we just explored the ship, and met some of the staff.

DAY 2--We awoke at 6:00 to the sound of the ship's horn blowing. It was very foggy for most of the morning. It cleared out about 10.00. We had lunch in the dining room. We didn't like the selections, so we had burgers. Once again, the fog rolled in. We spent the day sitting by the deck. This was formal night , so we had our hair fixed. We went to the dining room for dinner. When we got there we were told that our table was not ours, even though the number matched the table # on our cards. The waiter agreed that this was not our table. I showed him my card and he said we had a problem. He would have to find us a table. I told him not to worry about it and we left. We did not return to the dining room for the remainder of the cruise. (The food in the windjammer and solarium was fine.) We took formal pics and then changed clothes. As we were about to leave the cabin, the head waiter called and asked us to come back to the dining room and she would find us a table. I explained that we had already changed and that we would eat elsewhere.She insisted that we come back the next night, but we chose not to. After dinner, we watched the broadway show, "Starstruck". We enjoyed the show. On this night, we discovered the Centrum band. We watched and listened to them play from above. Karoke was halarious!!!! Got our first towel buddy on this night.

DAY 3--Arrived in Cozumel about 7:00. Had breakfast, then off to our excursion. We did the glass bottom boat. The weather was great. The colors were bright underwater.We saw beautiful coral and many different kinds of sea life. Then we were off to town for some shopping. Upon our return to the ship, we decided to take a dip in the pool while it was empty. We sailed at 7 p.m. After dinner, we went to the Centrum to listen to the band. I had no idea that we would become "the groupies" of this cruise. Jon, Trevor and Mark are great people, both on and off the stage. They visited with us when they would take a break. They kept us entertained with music and comedy. They all have a great sence of humor.

DAY 4--Arrived in Costa Maya at 7 a.m. Had b-f, then on shore. We did the Chacchoben ruins excursion. We rode an air conditioned, charter bus for an hour to get there. The ruins are awesome. Even my 18 year old son liked them. Our guide, Luis, helped with the excavations, so we got some good info, and great pics. After the bus ride back, we shopped and headed back to the ship. We used this time to take pics of the staff that we had become friends with. Dinner and back to the Centrum.

DAY 5-- This was an interesting day. The seas were rough and I was sick. Took 2 Bonine and got to feeling better. Many people were sick on this day. The staff was putting out bags for those that really got sick. My lesson for the day---if you feel sick, sit as close to center of the ship as possible. You can't feel the movement as bad there. We sat next to the pool. At about 8:30 p.m., we were in the Centrum and BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO came over the PA. One of the engines had caught fire. We drifted for almost 3 hours. There was no panick. The back-up generators came on and all activities continued as though nothing was happening. The captain and cruise director kept us informed about everything . I must say, this situation was handeled very well. We were told that we would arrive in Galveston late and all flights would be taken care of. We spent some time in the Viking Crown Lounge with some friends(cruisers and staff) and had a blast. We finally turned in at 2:30. We arrived in galveston around 9:30. Immagration was quick, but it seemed to take forever for the port authorities to clear the ship for debarkment. Once done, we were off the ship to our waiting luggage and shuttle bus. At 12:20 we were on our way home.

The low points......that I fixed without a problem I was upset that the dining room didn't have a table for us, so we ate elsewhere. I paid to get my hair fixed and didn't like it, so I took it down. When I got sea sick, I found a more comfortable area and stayed there. When the fire started, we continued to have a blast !!!

The high points......That we loved The ship is beautiful. "Sunshine" is a bartender at the pool bar. He will take care of you. Helped make this a special trip for my son. They became friends quickly. He will never be forgotten. "Harlequin" is the Centrum band. Unfortunately, they leave the ship at the end of next week. I hate that all of you won't get to meet them. They will never be forgotten either. Warren is the cruise director. He is busy, but takes the time to be sure you are having a good time. Venice is a waitress in the Centrum. We told her the first night what we wanted to drink, and she never forgot it. If we said we wanted something different, she would make suggestions that always pleased us.

Although we had a few low points, I easily fixed them. I am pleased to say that we had more high ones. For that reason, I will not let the little things keep me from sailing RCCL again. We had a fabulous cruise.

I hope you find peace of mind knowing that we were taken care of at all times. May this review find you packing and ready to enjoy "THE SPLENDOUR OF THE SEAS" !!! HAPPY SAILING TO YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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