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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Sovereign of the Seas Bahamas May 30, 2005

If there are any teens wondering whether or not they should take a cruise on sovereign o/t seas, or if they just want to know what to expect from this cruise, they should definetly read this review. Let me start off by saying that this was my first cruise and I went with one of my best friends (both 16). B/c it was our first cruise it didn't take too much to impress us but we did hear some people saying that they've been on better, so keep that in mind as well. So the check in process was pretty smooth, they have sections for each deck that you're staying on so that speeds up the process alot. We got into the big line that you have to wait in at around 11 A.M. and had to wait about 30 min. because they hadn't started letting people on yet. After they did though, the process sped up alot. It probably took another half hour after that, but b/c we got in line kind of early, it was a faster process for us. We were on the boat around 12:15. The custodial staff was taking a little longer than expected to clean the rooms so you couldn't go to your staterooms till 1 so we went and ate at the windjammer cafe. This was my favorite place on board to eat.

We ate there and started people watching. Then we walked out to the pool. It smells really bad around the pool for the first day or so. We then explored the boat some more till we could finally go to our room. B/c we're teens and fig. we wouldn't be in our room much, we opted for a cheap one on the 2nd deck. All things aside it really wasn't that bad. For me and my friend we had more than enough room most of the time. (we kept our door open because there was a large group of hot guys across the hall). The cruising experience is pretty smooth most of the time unless you're in a storm like we were, then i'd recommend some kind of motion sickness calmers. As far as being worried about meeting people to hang out with, this is how it goes. If you are about 12-14 you'll have no problem at all. That age group was abundant and actually seemed to enjoy the club Fuel (which was completely empty all 4 nights during the 15-17 age group), reason for this, there's hardly any 15-17 year olds, this we know because it was our age group. We made 2 friends this age the entire trip and we are very social girls. (we did make friends with the group of 17-18 year old guys across the hall though). We were very lucky to have good weather most of the time because we did get to go to cococay. we were worried that we wouldn't b/c many reviews say that they got rained out and didn't get to go there. we preferred cococay over nassau. It was a great place. You can walk out a mile and the water will only be up to your ankles, it's quite weird. we went parasailing which was great fun (i recommend the group with the tan blonde guy and the black guy), they were awesome! I would say don't go snorkling though because we did this too and there was hardly anything too look at, plus you had to swim out for like 20 minutes just to get to anything and by that time you're too tired to swim back. If you are a girl, we will get asked if you want your hair braded a good 30 times on this trip, we probably should've gone ahead and gotten it braided so they'd stop asking. Just saying no doesn't work. About the food, cause i know teens love food. Try to talk your parents out of eating in the main dining rooms, it's a waste of time getting dressed up and waiting b/c the waitors are too hard to understand and the food really isn't that great. Nassau was a good port for shopping. This is the only thing that we did there besides eatting at the hard rock. I did hear that atlantis was pretty good though. (NOTE: If you are under 18 you can't get off the boat w/o your parents after 5 oclock, so if you're gonna do that, get off before then or bring your parents along). Teens, unless you're really lame, you're going to want to ditch your parents immediately, but note, there are times that i wish that i had mine with me. For instance, when we tried to get off the boat. Couldn't do it because we were too young. Also when we hung out with the hot guys from across the hall the last night, we couldn't get into to voltage b/c we didn't have ID and weren't old enough in the first place. (A word to the wise, if you're not old enough, don't even try to get into voltage or the casino. That means don't try to talk you're way in, don't have others talk try to talk you're way in, and do not DO NOT sneak in the back door, you will get caught). All in all, we had a great time. We met a couple cool people and saw some beautiful places. The food, besides the food in the dining rooms, were just as great as everyone says. We are already planning to go back on this trip when we're 18 as a graduation trip. On a scale of 1-10, i'd give this boat a 8.

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