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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Sovereign of the Seas Bahamas December 24, 2004

Age: 47 Occupation: salesman Number of Cruises: 3 Itinerary: 4 Day Bahamas

This was our third cruise in 2 years. The last two were RCCL Adventure of the Seas Deep Southern in April 2004 and Celebrity Cruise line on the ship Century a Western Caribbean April 2003 cruise. So we are new to cruises but we can make a few interesting comments. The ship just came back from a 10 million dollar or more overhaul. It was very well done for a smaller ship. We had a JS Junior Suite on Deck 10. It was not the 261 feet that was on their web site, but it did have one of the newly built veranda's that is always a plus if the weather is good. The ships common areas were all re-carpeted and furnished. The bars and casino all looked well maintained as well. The ship was also missing a few people that we always seem to meet. The ships shopping director. There was not one board. This is the person who tells you were to shop and items of interest. We have met 2 on our last cruises that were very well informed and helpful.

The ships dining was an adventure. The main dining area's food was not up to par. The main course's were tasteless or not interesting, as most cruises foods are interesting. One night the menu read Brisket of Beef which sounded good what it really was, was corned beef. Brisket is brown and corned beef is red. They lack of simple food knowledge was impressive. There was one midnight buffet on Christmas Night around the pool that was pleasant but nothing to right home about. On Sunday night the midnight buffet was small pieces of food on trays walked around the ship in the casino and 2 of the bars. On most ships the food if one feels like it is served from 6AM to 1AM and sometimes it seams 24 hours a day. Not on this ship. The windjammer closed at 9:30 each night of our cruise Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My wife and I were wondering if we took the weight watchers and dieters cruise but it was not but it could have been.

Lets see how the cruise went Friday at Port Canaveral as breeze to check in. Weather was cloudy and 50F. Not a good day to start your cruise but a vacation is a fun time. Found our suite with no problem. Found our way around the ship with ease. Our suitcases made it to the room in record time. The after dinner show was your basic comedy show nothing special for Christmas Eve. Saturday morning in Nassau was an interesting time. We had booked a 3-hour glass bottom boat that was great. The rest of the day well if you are planning a Christmas cruise you need to know the following information: all real stores are closed, even at the Atlantis hotel. Only stores open were a few junky ones and the Straw market. The Straw market is were all the fake purses are sold as well as tee shirts, towels and junk. At the Straw market I wanted a cold drink (can of soda) I asked one man who was working in one on the stalls and he offer to sell me 2 illegal drugs. All I wanted was a soda. This was a HIGH point of my day. Not wanting to spend my life in a Bahamian jail, I said no and looked for a can or bottle of soda on my own on the outside of the Straw market were I was asked a second time if I wanted to make a purchase of the same 2 illegal drugs and I said no for a second time to this street vendor. I never did find a drink. Our day in Nassau was a bust.

That night at dinner we were informed of bad weather ahead. Big seas and high winds. We did not leave Nassau till 2 or 3AM Sunday morning to go to Cocoa Cay. This never happened. Instead of keeping the ship at the pier in Nassau we ventured out in 20-foot seas and 60 MHP winds. Cocoa Cay was cancelled. The ship head to Florida to go up and down the coast in high seas and strong winds instead of staying at Nassau for a day more. But instead of enjoying an island we had 2 hours of free drinks 10am-12pm Sunday morning. That does not make up for a missed beach day. They could not even figure out how to show a movie in any of the large rooms they have to keep people busy. The one of the 2 pools were open but the waves in the pool and the 60 MHP winds were too much for the bravest.

We do enjoy cruises but next time I will check the weather and head to the southern Caribbean. I will never sail on this ship again to the Bahamas. They will need to change things before we take a $1600.00 adventure on this ship again.

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