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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Sovereign of the Seas Bahamas September 20, 2004

My wife and I were on the Sept 20th cruise to the Bahamas and here is a short review. We had a Ocean View Stateroom on Deck 5 and as I suspected maintainence has been delayed because of the dry dock scheduled in a few weeks. The shower has a hole rusted through that caused water to enter the stateroom, when we first boarded the stateroom rug was still wet from the last cruisers, we solved this by laying a facecloth over the hole. The mixing valve in the sink was set so you had either hot or very hot water no cold, if you needed cold water to brush your teeth we opted to purchase bottled water at 3.50 a bottle that was convienently left in the room rather than using the shower for water. The straw that broke the camels back was when they shut down the toilets wednesday nite until Thursday with no notice!, When I inquired why I was told they were doing maintenance and to use the bathroom on deck 4. When I went to deck 4 they had a camera crew in there taking pictures, for what I could only guess !!!! I finally had enough and went to the Pursers Counter to vent! I was told I needed to understand the complexity of a ships plumbing and basicly would have to live with the inconvience which I had little choice in doing. The ships elevators are used for both passengers and freight, this caused the elevators to be virtually unusable the first day and the last day since Luggage was being delivered and the crew basicly allocated the elevators for the better part of the day, no fun if your on the lower decks and are trying to get to Deck 11 for the pools or the Windjammer Lounge.

The wait staff was the one thing I was very impressed with, certainly the most pleasant hard working group of people I ever had the pleasure to be around and the entertainment was good.

Food on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give a 4 to 5. The buffet in the Windjammer seemed more like intitutional food to me sort of reminded me more of a chow hall in the military, cold toast in the mornng and lots of chicken very little red meat and lots of pasta with bland sauce, desserts were ok.

This was my mine and my wifes first cruise so I have nothing to compare it to but based on this cruise I'd be hard pressed to cruise again. The stateroom was horrible and the attitude of the ships management was basicly my problem and not theirs. If I had been on dry land and rented a hotel room where none of the plumbing worked I would have checked out immediately, being on a ship sort of makes you a captured audience and the ships management appeared to realize that, one thing for sure the lack of maintaince in the cabin we were issued were not new ones so I can only assume that this level of low quality service is acceptable to RCCL. If I do cruise again it won't be with RCCL.

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