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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Sovereign of the Seas Bahamas July 2, 2004

My husband and I (ages 49 and 54) took the 3-day Bahamas cruise with our 10-year old granddaughter -- it was our first cruising experience, and we were very, very disappointed in the service provided. We enjoyed spending time with our granddaughter, but would never cruise on Royal Caribbean again.

From the beginning -- the man who checked our immigration paperwork was not very nice (borderline mean). You would think the cruise line would hire someone who had good people skills to be the first contact a traveler has with the cruise line. We boarded too late for lunch & could only get pizza at the Mast Bar. We immediately signed up for shore excursions. We selected the trip to Atlantis & snorkeling on CocoCay. We proceeded to our Stateroom (Deck 8) & then walked around the ship to orient ourselves to where everything was. I had to ask directions twice but was never provided any kind of "map" of the ship. On the 2nd day, a ship employee overheard me in the elevator area comment to my husband that they should really provide some type of map so you could look at it in the your statement so you could figure out where everything was located. This employee kindly provided us with pocket guides of the ship.

Why were these not provided in everyone's stateroom? Why did the Purser's Desk not provide on Day 1 when I expressed difficulty remembering where everything was on the ship. We did not have a dining table assigned. I inquired about where to obtain this. I was pointed to an area & told to register "over there." However, "over there" had no one available to provide assistance. I spent another 20 min. wandering around trying to find someone to help me. It was very frustrating. Dined in the Gigi room. The food was only good on Sat. evening. The rest of the time, it was definitely quantity over quality. Our head waiter and assistant waiter were nice, as was our stateroom attendant. That was about the extent of niceness on the entire cruise -- probably because their tip was dependent on being nice & helpful. Very few others on the cruise were nice. Other cruisers were very rude -- pushing in crowds, butting in lines, etc.

The shore excursion to Atlantis states walking is required for this excursion. What they don't tell you is that out of the 3-hr. tour, that 1 hr. is spent walking from the ship to the ferry dock in Nassau and from the ferry dock in Paradise Island to Atlantis. We ended up taking a taxi directly back to the ship from Atlantis. It was very hot, and we were exhausted and not up to a 30 min. hike after walking on a 1 hr. tour. We tried to get drinks at Atlantis after the tour. We set at a table & waited 10 min. for service. There were plenty of servers around, but they were just taking their good old time. We left without getting drinks.

We took our own snorkel gear to CocoCay. Someone stole my husband's snorkel mask. Definitely a low class of people on this ship.

The ship smelled and had disgusting odors.

The spa was completely booked for the entire cruise by Sat. morning. Our granddaughter was very disappointed. On Sat. evening, we did not want to have dessert immediately after dinner. Our head waiter suggested we get dessert in the Windjammer later that evening. He told us it was open until 1:00 a.m. Around 9:30 we headed there to get dessert, but it had closed @ 9:00 p.m. The only food available was the pizza offered at the Mast Bar. All this talk we had heard prior to going on the cruise about great food & constant availability just didn't turn out to be true for us.

We were disappointed in the quality of our cruising experience and would not recommend this ship to anyone.

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