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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Serenade of the Seas by dgatlin Southern Caribbean November 29, 2003

This was my first cruise and my husband's 2nd, we also went with 4 of our best friends (2 other couples).

We arrived in San Juan and got to the ship very quickly, checked in and were in our rooms in no time. We were on the 2nd deck, we joked about being so far down but in the end, I would request it again. It was very neat b/c through the window you were just above the waves at night and there was enough light that you could see out and you fell asleep to the bubbling sound of the water. We were on deck when we left the port and it was very cool.

The best thing about this cruise was the service and the ports of call. The service was outstanding! We ate at the Windjammer every day for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was better than lunch but I think it was because I didn't care for the variety as much at lunch. But htere was always someone there to greet you which was nice. Dinner was very good in the dining room and we enjoyed our waiter Caesar and our asst. waiter Mickey. The head waiter came around a few times to talk with us or to make sure everything was good.


Our room attendant was also outstanding, very nice guy by the name of Wayan. We also had a GREAT bartender by the name of Steve who was at the Sky Bar, we always went to him for drinks when it was open.

The entertainment I think was hit or miss. I went to see the magician and left within 20 minutes. However, the Love and Marriage game was a riot. The cruise director Allan was cool but he had 2 guy sidekicks that were a little quacky. The female cruise director I think Layla seemed really nice, they were great at getting the crowd to participate.

The captain seemed really nice and on the day at sea, he took us by St. Barts and Nevis (sp?) and got within 1 mile of the coast so we could get a good look.

The boat was a bit rocky, we noticed it more so in the dining room but it became pretty constant towards the end of the trip but none of us ever fell over, it just became normal.

The ship is beautiful and I can't say enough about the outstanding service. I didn't hear one staff member complain about anything. We asked our room attendant to get us more towels and a few other small things and he got everything for us immediately. We also noticed that the staff won't board the elevators with you. We began to recognize people after a few days and had nice conversation with several. The dining room staff was great, they brought us several portions of many dishes (including lobster tails).

A few things that were irritating--the lady who helps you with all the shopping, she is on the TV constantly and we couldn't stand the sight of her once we saw her in person although she seemed much less annoying in person. There was an enormous amount of people onboard who only knew Spanish and it became a bit irritating after 7 days.

There was staff to help you once you got past customs after leaving the ship. All the staff was approachable and helpful.

I would definitely go on this cruise again and I think our friends would too, an overall great experience. The weather was wonderful and we went to the beach every day, what more could you ask for?

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