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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Radiance of the Seas by Gen Healy New Zealand December 18, 2011

This cruise varied between average to very poor. Many issues - the largest ones described below. Royal Caribbean seems only interested in extracting as much money as possible while denying any responsibility to provide service or satisfaction.

Food - generally low average to inedible - some dishes served in the dining room appeared to have no relationship to descriptions - some I wouldn't feed to a dog - beef stroganoff is one example

Smoking - we paid for a balcony - couldn't use it much of the time as the people next door were smokers – every time thy lit up, our cabin was filled with smoke an rapidly began smelling like an ashtray

Guest services desk staff - generally unhelpful to downright aggressive if faced with a question they didn't like e.g. when we queried the smoking policy we were angrily – yes angrily – told smoking was allowed on balconies – basically tough if we didn't like it

Promises to return answers – on 2 occasions restaurant (Main/My-time & Giovanni's) Managers promised to get back to us the day we made the query – neither did – and this in on your records as found out by your guest services staff when my husband complained for the 3rd time that the vanity in our cabin had still not been repaired – "oophs" was the response – not satisfactory

Maintenance – on first entering our cabin we found the corner of the vanity's previous repair had failed – there was an obvious and open crack of about 3 – 4 centimetres in one corner, with one edge raised. We pointed this and the piece of piping on the sofa that was detached to the rom steward – he was distressed about the piping but tried to tell us the vanity was not broken. When we insisted it was broken and needed to be fixed, he got on the phone and reported it to maintenance. A few days later the piping was fixed but the vanity was not. I met the maintenance man in the corridor and queried him about this – he said there was no report of a broken vanity – so I showed it to him and he agreed that it was broken and also got on the phone to report it. Still some days after and still not fixed, my husband spoke to guest services – no reports of a broken vanity – what happens to these reports – anything too hard seems to disappear into telephone space. After considerable insistence a maintenance person was dispatched and, on examining the vanity, felt it couldn't be fixed until port. More discussion with my husband and suddenly the maintenance crew found they could fix the problem after all – it took about ½ hour and a small amount of filler

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