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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Radiance of the Seas
Western Caribbean
November 27, 2005

This was the most disappointing cruise of my life. The ship is , in my opinion, modestly decorated, which means lots of browns, tans, and pastel colors. Fixtures and specialty art was MILDLY interesting, but not worth looking at twice. Kinda like being in a funeral home... not dirty, just not worth coming back to.
By comparison, I feel Carnival ships are THRILLING to be a part of, with vibrant colors, exciting 'THINGS' to look at, and a general feeling of FUN.

FOOD = VERY SAD !!!   Without fail, the food in the dining room reminded me of eating at a CHEAP buffet. Presentation was not bad, but not great. Taste was un-definable, service was somewhere between slow and "hey, where is our waiter?"

ROOMS = SMALL    Short, skinny people with light luggage will be mostly comfortable. The rest may wish to choose another cruise line. The balcony is small, but probably all you need. Taking a shower is a real challenge for someone 6'2" and 230 lbs. (Showering Tip: Wash your hair before entering shower room to lift your arms). I will say one thing [sort of] positive about the bathroom. The toilet is absolutely the most powerful one ever known to modern man. When flushing is is wise to stand back 'lest ye be sucked in.

CASINO = RIP-OFF   Blackjack players BEWARE. weird rules include, no doubling down on ANY split, Blackjacks pay 6-5 (instead of 3-2) and a few more odd-ball rules that DESTROY the players chances of recovery on a bad shoe.
STAFF = So-So   Dining room staff OK, but not great. I think it was because they have far too many tables to be effective. Cabin attendant was GREAT...maybe even spectacular! Trying to use the telephone from your cabin is somewhat like playing jeopardy. You ask something .. they give you an answer .... and it is your job (based on the answer) to figure out what the question was. This can go on as long as you are willing to play. Big language problem here!

SHORE EXCURSIONS - Some of these ports (i.e. Haiti, Jamaica) are real safety issues for Americans, from a kidnapping level. Passengers should be made aware of this before booking an excursion that may become the MOST memorable of their life. We did not realize the true magnitude of the danger until AFTER we returned and read it in the Tampa Tribune in the first week of Dec 2005.

SUMMARY - Yes, the ship was clean, but that is to be expected from any ship. Value is poor since other lines have better rates. Take your own food. Book your shore excursions at the dock for prices that can be 200% cheaper. Stay out of the Casino. HMM-m-m-m ... I guess what I am saying is PICK ANOTHER CRUISE LINE.
I certainly will !!

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