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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Navigator of the Seas by Carolyn Western Caribbean January 24, 2008

When we arrived on the Navigator we were impressed by the size, beauty and cleanliness of the ship. We were tired and hungry so we went to The Windjammer to eat. Don't stop at the first buffet, because there are 8 or 10 more buffet areas around the corner, and you don't realize this at first. Choices are Prime Rib, Ham, mashed potatoes, Jerk Chicken, Cheeseburgers, fries, salads, fruit, desserts, way too much to list here. Make sure and sit by the window. You are looking out over 11 stories overlooking the ocean, and the view is very romantic.

Our room was decorated tastefully and had a balcony. We ordered room service (which is free, except for a tip) and most mornings we ate on the balcony. The beds were very comfortable. Each day when you exit your room, the attendant goes in and cleans it spotless.

Every day there is a Cruise Compass Newsletter to let you know the activities for that day. Try to go to as many as you want. They are so much fun.

The shows are mainly at night and were very good. The Ice Show was excellent. Even though the ship was moving slightly due to windy conditions, I was impressed because no ice skater fell. The comedy show was great. We laughed constantly. Don't miss the Quest Game Show. It was a riot. There was also a comedy show for married couples that everyone said was good, but we missed that one.

In the evening you go the the dining room at 6:30 or 8:30 pm. We ate at 8:30 pm. This is the time most evening shows start so next time I will request the 6:30 dining time. Food was good. Service was great. I was disappointed because no chocolate was on the menu until the last night we were there. (I'm a chocoholic.) Someone asked our waitress about chocolate and she brought her out a bowl of chocolate syrup. Brush up on your manners and which fork to use before you go. You had about 10 pieces of silverwear to choose from. (Start with the fork on the outside and work your way in and don't start eating until everyone has their appetizer, salad, etc.) You can go to the regular dinner at the Windjamer if you want to eat buffet style dinners.

The pools & hot tubs were everywhere. Attendants handed out towels to everyone. Reggae bands were playing music while we were there relaxing. There was a belly flop contest. It was hysterical.

The Solarium was my favorite pool area. It was decorated like Italy, with murals and statues around the pool. It had 2 huge hot tubs and was very relaxing.

The Promenade was like a small Mall inside the ship. There were some decent souveneer shops. There was a small cafe that had good ham and cheese croisants, pizza, coffee and cookies.

Below the Promenade was the casino. One lady won $14,000 (that will buy her a lot more cruises!).

Our ship had one formal night. We decided not to go. Our friends talked us into going. My husband wore dockers and a polo and I wore dress pants and a nice top, and we fit in fine. On formal night photograpers are everywhere taking pictures. They have very nice backdrops. We had our pictures made at about 4 different areas. We bought all of them. They were professional quality pictures.

We docked at Cozumel. There were numerous excursions available, and you can order one from your T.V. We ordered Playa Mia Deluxe Beach Break at $69.00 per person. It included the bus ride there & back to the dock, and all food & alcohol for 5 hours. The ride there was not scenic. I guess it was due to the hurricane. The trees had no branches and there were vines growing everywhere. When we arrived there, the sign said $49.00 each person. We pre-paid $69.00 each. The beach looked like paradise. It had such a pretty color of blue like I had never seen before. There was a water trampoline and a rock climbing wall. There were jet skis to rent, and snorkeling available.

The shops in Cozumel had some very good prices. Swim suit cover ups for $5.00, pure vanilla at $4.00. I did purchase some freshwater pearl jewelry and it was strung by one piece of thread. I gave $38.00 for it and it broke the second day I was home. So look carefully at your souveneers and make sure you are buying something worthwhile. People in the shops almost beg you to buy their wares. I thought one was going to grab my arm & lead me in.

Go to Senor Frogs. It's an outdoor bar type place. I can't tell you what they do to you. Just go and see. (I had stories to tell about this place when I got back home!)

The only negative thing about the cruise I would say is that they brought your salad, and maybe 10 minutes later they would bring your salad dressing. (No big deal.)

Near the end of our cruise I was dreading the thought of going back home. It was snowing when we left Ohio.

Now our cruise was 4 weeks ago and it is in my memory everyday. It's like my "Happy Place" I go to when work or the kids stress me. We are going to make this a yearly tradition.

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