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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Navigator of the Seas by TRP Eastern Caribbean July 31, 2004

Based on our experience, we do not recommend Royal Caribbean as a family vacation. We completed a cruise from Saturday, July 31 to Saturday, August 7 on the Navigator of the Seas.

The first three nights we suffered distress due to loud and profane neighbors. We heard: Saturday night: repeated cursing about a storm at sea; Sunday night: cursing and an argument followed by obscene noises; Monday night: obscene noises, louder and more vulgar than the previous night. Normally we do not complain, but deciding the activity would not cease and concerned about the impression on our daughter, who had fortunately slept through most of the noise, we asked Guest Relations early Tuesday morning for a different room. Their response was inadequate and misleading. They said no rooms were available, not even a downgrade. We again requested a different room that afternoon and were told the ship was completely booked, and any room change was impossible.

A frequent cruiser intervened Tuesday evening on our behalf. With this help, a room suddenly became available. We are distressed that as average cruisers no help was available. Guest Relations had not been honest and was indifferent to our child's welfare. My wife was actually in tears when we initially requested a new room. Without the intervention of a higher-status, frequent cruiser, we would have remained in an environment potentially emotionally unhealthy to our daughter. I urge all parents to think twice before considering a cruise with your children on Royal Caribbean.

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