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Monarch of the Seas
by Mike
September 28, 2009

My fiancé and I thought we would celebrate my birthday with Royal. At first, we were going to book with a competitor. But then our travel agent suggested Royal Caribbean. Our first afternoon on the boat on my birthday we decided to take a nap. We slept very well for about 2 hours in urine because the staff had not changed the bedding. We only found this out after we retired for the evening at about 2am. We pulled the bedding off of the beds to push them together that evening. The bedding reeked of urine when we pulled the bedding off. We immediately reported this to management. We were then moved to a very cold room where the temperature could not be controlled. The following day we advised management of this issue. We were then moved to another room - smaller!

Wow, three days into a five day cruise the issue was finally semi-resolved. I won't bother to go into how hard it was to find a clean dish to eat on this cruise. But back to the urine- "The guest services manager Mpho Ndlovu advised that it wasn't his problem. He directed us to another guy who sent us back to Mpho Ndlovu. This was the worse service that I had ever had. Well, to sum it all up, we were promised 20% compensation on our next cruise - to sleep in urine. We then complained to Frank Bischoff/Associate Hotel Director. Mpho then promised 30% compensation on the next cruise! Wow, would you sleep in urine for 30% on the NEXT cruise? No takers? Well, we never saw the 30% in writting. We then received a call a month later from a cruise line representative who left a message with us that gave a toll free number that led to - oh, nowhere to call them back! Wow! Never again will I cruise Royal- or any of their affiliates. Now I doubt that this is published to be read by potential customers who desire to know that truth about this cruise line, or their reputation for NOT addressing passenger issues