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Monarch of the Seas
by Jennifer Laman
March 23, 2009

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line -- Reprehensible customer service!

Shame on Royal Caribbean! My family has been planning our first ever cruise since May of 2008. We were all set to go on our cruise on Monday, March 23rd. Unfortunately, our 6 year old son who had blood clots at birth, resulting in a stroke, the loss of one arm, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy had a severe seizure the day we were to fly to Florida. Chase's seizures have always been controlled with medication and we've never had any problems in the past. We ended up spending the day in Riley Hospital for Children. Our son's neurologist recommended that we not take the cruise since we didn't know what caused this seizure to be so severe, and the risk of him having one at sea and having to be air lifted out was too great.

She wrote us a note to give to the cruise line recommending he not take the cruise and told us she thought they'd be understanding since she'd had other patients in the same situation with other cruise lines.

Of course, we were all devastated that the trip we had been planning for almost a year would not happen.

I called Royal Caribbean and quickly found out that we hadn't purchased trip insurance, which obviously was a huge mistake. I explained why we couldn't go and was transferred to Annie in the Resolutions Department. She offered to give us 200 a person in vouchers that would have to be used in a year. I explained to her that we didn't think we would ever be able to take a cruise with him and even with the 200 dollars in vouchers we would still be losing 1,500 dollars on the cruise. She told me that was all she could do and that I needed to let her know in no later than 2 days at the most so that they could RESELL my rooms! Can you believe that? Why the heck would I care if they got to resell my rooms if they weren't giving me my money back? She even asked why all four of us weren't going on the cruise if it were just one child. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Like I would leave my child home and go without him?

I decided I'd wait 2 days and call back since I didn't care if they resold my rooms or not. This time I spoke to someone else and told her what Annie had said. I asked to speak to a supervisor to see if they'd be willing to give us the money instead of a voucher or consider refunding all of it. The supervisor REFUSED to even get on the phone and speak to me. She told the lady on the phone to tell me the offer was firm and it was all they would do.

I can't believe that Royal Caribbean doesn't have better customer service than that! I've never heard of a supervisor not even taking the time to talk to someone.