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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Monarch of the Seas Mexico August 29, 2003

I went on the three day cruise on the Monarch of the Seas. I was very impressed how nice the ship was for it's age. I heard that the Monarch was just in for improvements and it shows. It looks brand new! Show rooms were very nice and dinning room was nice along with the rest of the ship.

The Windjammer buffet was well made well, spread out and had lots of seats to sit. It never felt crowded in the Windjammer. The food in the Windjammer for breakfast was ok, for lunch was pretty good. You could have a hamburger all the time for lunch. We did eat in the Windjammer deck once for dinner and that was ok. Also, in the Windjammer buffet their is a pizza place that's open all day.

The Dinning food was kind of bad. It was probably the worst food I ever had on a cruise. I have been on 18 cruises so I had a lots of dinners. The dinners were just yucky no tastes and meat tough. You did not even get a basket of rolls on your table. The bus boy would bring you one. The service was great just the food sucked.

Another bad thing about this ship was on the life boat deck. They did not have many chairs only 8 for each side. It was all up on top in the sun. And the worst was the Sea Day. The Caption just stopped the boat. We sat off the coast of Catalonia Island all day and night. So that really sucked because I just love being at sea, hearing the waves and relaxing on life boat deck. I was on the Viking Serenade three times and we would only go 5 knots but at least were moving.

This is a good cruise just to get away for the weekend and don't expect to much. Ok food, nice ship, a good get away. Nice just to relax. For this cruise for what you pay just save your money and go on a three day transition cruise on Holland America.

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