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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Majesty of the Seas by Oliver Peters Bahamas June 17, 2002

My wife & I celebrated our 25th anniversary along with our 2 teenagers on the Majesty of the Seas. Let me say this was a fantastic trip for all of us. The kids have never cruised before, but my wife & I have cruised Carnival (twice) and The Big Red Boat. While I would not consider ourselves "expert" cruisers, but I would rate RCL at the top of my short list of cruising experiences.

The embarkation was a little disorganized due to the fact that there were 100 or so previous passengers on Majesty that had not cleared customs & immigrations until about 1pm. But the paperless embarkation forms were accepted (and everyone there knew about them) there were even two ticket agents set up just for the online form holders. You do need to fill out the Bahamas form (the pink card) but other than that all I needed was the online form, Drivers Lic. & birth certificate.

Once onboard we asked if the cabins were ready, we were told no, & to go up to the Windjammer Cafe for lunch & wait. Well we snuck down to our cabin on Deck A and of course it was all ready for us. We reserved two outside cabins - adjoining, so all we needed to do was get the cabin attendant to unlock the adjoining door. The cabins are small like everyone says. A bit smaller than on Ecstasy, but as everyone mentioned, you spend so little time in there it doesn't really matter. Beds were very comfortable, plenty of closet space. There are no in room safes on this deck. The shower, well like someone said if you soap up the shower walls & just keep turning around you will get clean in no time. LOL!

Our cabin attendant Jimmy was very professional. He remembered our names from day one, and was very adept at making the towel animals - the penguin was the neatest! Once we asked Jimmy if he could get us a pair of scissors, sure enough he produced them later that day. Anything we needed he always responded with a cheerful smile.

I purchased the soda "cards" for the kids. They used them extensively throughout the ship. I had read that in some cases the bartenders were less than thrilled to serve soda card kids. Not here! My kids said that at every bar they went to they were greeted with smiles and no problems. At dinner, they used the cards there too. And, when my wife & I ordered a soda at dinner I noticed that the assistant waitress did not charge us for them she just added it to the kids cards. Meals at dinner were fantastic. I especially liked the fact that the menu offered "stand by" alternative entrées in case you were not thrilled with the evenings offerings, as I was one night. Those choices were Salmon, Steak and 2 others I've forgotten. One night I was delighted with the shrimp appetizer, so my waiter brought me 2 more! We ate all our evening meals at the Mayfair dining room, lunch & breakfast we ate in the Windjammer. The Windjammer is quite nice for "fast" food. A lot better than what we were used to on Carnival. But still noisy and crowded.

The shows were very very good in the Chorus Line Lounge. And yes, Parker was the cruise director. He's a riot and quite talented too. You know, teenagers are hard to please when it comes to having them come with you to a "show". But once they saw the first evenings show, they insisted on going to all the rest, even though my wife & I were exhausted by the 10:45pm start time.

The teen lounge left a lot to be desired according to my kids. Maybe that was for the best, as they found plenty of other things to do on board, and found themselves hard pressed to "get everything done" in 24 hrs.

In Nassau, this was the 3rd time around for us, but for the kids it was their first visit. So we did the usual shopping and saw the straw market, which has been moved about 500 yds to the right of its original location since the fire. I did take the kids over to Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island. For those who don't know, this is a public beach next to the Sheraton Hotel, which is next to the Atlantis Hotel. A cab ride over is $4 a head. The beach has jet skis, and banana boat rides available.

At Coco Cay we purchased the snorkeling package from RCL. I did this on line and the tickets were delivered to my cabin the night before we arrived at Coco Cay. Very windy on the island but a very beautiful island none the less. The lunch of Burgers, Hot Dogs, Ribs etc etc. was delicious. By around 3pm the weather started getting rough (hmmm that sounds familiar) so the Captain ordered those remaining on Coco Cay back to the ship.

In Key West we rented one of those battery powered "golf carts". This one was a four seater. This is a great way to get around Key West at your own pace. We've done the Conch Train ride - that too is a good way to get a tour of Key West - but your are pretty much stuck in your seat.

As for the Majesty, a very impressive ship. During their dry dock back in April 2002, they replaced all the carpeting, and window draperies. Plus all the furniture in both dining rooms were replaced, so the ship looked practically brand new. (It is scheduled for another dry dock in Oct 2002) The staff was constantly "tiding" up. The few times I used a public restroom, there was always an attendant either inside cleaning, or on the way inside. One evening it was raining quite hard, so the pool area was empty of people. The crew came out in their rain gear, drained the pools and pressure washed they area in a couple of hours. So by morning when the sun came back out, it was all fresh & clean. The pools are filled with salt water, but that just wasn't an issue with us. It wasn't as salty as ocean water - but so what! One thing surprised me though, the pools are deep! They are about 6 ft deep, and not a gradual drop to 6ft --- just 6 ft all around. There is a "kiddie" area much shallower and separated by a divider.

I thank Royal Caribbean & the crew of Majesty of the Seas for a wonderful cruise for our family. I was truly touched with the anniversary cake you delivered to our table on formal night.

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