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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Majesty of the Seas
by Carolyn Bahamas September 4, 2009

We just returned from a 3-night cruise to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas. It was our second cruise with this line, for no better reason than a holiday weekend getaway. Our first cruise with Royal Caribbean 6 or 7 years ago holds memories of a forward verandah cabin, impeccable service, and a quaint promenade that mimicked a small town main street, complete with street lamps. This is what we were looking forward to. Surprise!

Embarkation was fast and easy no lines, no waiting. Our cabin on deck 2 was ready when we boarded sometime around one o'clock. Our assignment to cabin 2026 on deck 2 was a shock, disclosed at check-in. We made the mistake of allowing the Royal Caribbean agent who booked the cruise to talk us into an open booking. The "guarantee" was at least an ocean view cabin on deck 6 no lower, but likely higher. The offer of an even better cabin was too tempting to pass up, hence this note to selves: remember open booking lesson. The ocean view on deck 2 is through a porthole!

The cabin staff was pleasant but unreliable, and complained of being tired all the time. Twice we were given only one towel, once we did not receive the day's Cruise Compass, and finally, we were not given a guest survey form. On our second day, the shower drain backed up and flooded the bathroom floor. Though we reported the problem, it was still backing up when we disembarked. Just like camping. This very small cabin was packed with cases of water, bottles and cans of soda, and snacks that were available for sale. This clutter left very little table top space for our use.

We routinely had breakfast and lunch at the buffet, where the service was good and the choices were adequate. We noted that very little food was wasted, maybe because there were no food trays. The staff was polite and pleasant, but not too engaging with the guests.

My Time Dining was a new cruise dining experience for us. Prepaid gratuities allowed us to have dinner in a designated dining room at whatever time we chose. One night we shared a table for four, one night we shared a large table with seven other guests, and on our last night we requested a table for two at the window. We got it.

Disembarkation was as well-organized and easy as embarkation. No lines, no waiting.

This was our least enjoyable of over a dozen cruises, but it could have been worse. The surprise cabin assignment was a major disappointment and colored the entire weekend. When the shower backed up, my husband decided that he'd had it with Royal Caribbean. Maybe after another 7 years he'll change his mind.

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