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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Majesty of the Seas by Rob Alfonso Bahamas June 22, 2007

Boarding was fairly easy in Miami, we completed the sign and sail pass ahead of time and waited about 10 minutes in line.

I asked the usual "are there any upgrades available" and as usual the ship was full. This ship is very popular and every time I cruise on it, it is full.

Once aboard, we found the refurbishment apparent rather quickly, the new carpeting, and furnishings on deck 3 are great. Its very lavish and clean looking.

Our cabin was also very clean, we found the bedding to have very high thread count sheets, and the furnishings to look great in the room.

While everything was more or less familiar looking it was new, which is a plus.

The bathroom, as always on RCCL is very small, but who spends allot of time in there anyways.


I found this to be a poor offering, I know your not there for watching tv, but RCCL seems to have a deal with CBS and they run these taped segments of CBS shows. I would have liked to watch a few minutes of live tv before going to sleep and waking up.

CNN was live but it is th international version, not the same.

Carnival has real live tv and it is much better than RCCL.

General Areas and improvements

After using the ship for a day I can say that they have done a nice job on the inside and on parts of the outside. In particular we found the Viking crown lounge very comfortable and the view is great.


We ate at all the venues except Johnny Rockets.

First the Compass Deli, which is new.

I had a Cuban sandwich and a salad. I found the sandwich to be just OK, the quality of the bread was good but it lacked any real flavor that you would find on a real Cuban sandwich. It was not really toasted well either. The Salad was ok as well.

I am glad to have tried the Deli but it does not compare to the Deli offering on Carnival, not even close.

The Windjammer Cafe

We ate breakfast and dinner here at least twice. Both times it exceeded our expectations completely. There was a wide variety of food from Asian to German offerings and all of it was very good.

I do have a complaints or two though.

First, the scrambled eggs still do not taste real good, they have a funny texture. I noticed this on my last cruise on the Majesty and on the Sovereign as well.

Secondly, and this may be something that is not easily fixed. Every time we came up to the Windjammer Cafe we had to walk and walk and walk some more all the way around to find seating, There is lots of seating but it seems like there are more people using the Windjammer these days then they used to.

It would be nice if maybe more tables were added if its possible so that its not such a hassle to find a table to sit at.

One final complaint here, the juice was very thick and sweet. Especially the OJ. Its as not enough water is being added to the concentrate. Each day this was a consistent problem, I think the crew needs to be shown how to mix more water into the concentrate somehow.

The main dining room.

We found the food the be excellent in the main dining room. I had Steak, soups, salads, deserts, and they were all excellent.

Of course there is one complaint.

Our table mates ordered the low fat shortcake., the shortcake was like a dry hockey puck. It appeared as if they used the unused biscuits from the Windjammers breakfast.

Sorentos Pizza

Wow, it sure is nice to have Pizza on demand. We found the Pizza to be OK, not great, not bad. The crust was a soft but drier type crust, there was more than enough sauce, and a little less than needed cheese and toppings on the pie. Its no Papa Johns or your favorite local pizza place, but it will get you through.

It would be nice if they had a thin crust offering, and if the pizza had more normal amounts of toppings and cheese on it.

We did not take advantage of room service.

Seattle's Coffee

The pastries were very good.

The opted to skip coffee on this trip but I had a hot chocolate, I found it to be too sweet.


I have to say, I did not see Signed, Sealed and Delivered, which is the new main show so i can not comment on this show.


This is a real weak area for this ship.

I saw basically all the same shows and I did last year. Right down to the cruise directors top 10 stupid questions he is asked.

The juggling act which I saw last time was EXACTLY the same, right down to the silly time buying jokes and many water breaks.

While I still found the shows funny and interesting, I know I wont be interested a third time.

The shows themselves are very good and I do not want to take anything away from the performers, but for repeat cruises such as myself I would like to see a couple new things next time.


Coco Cay is awesome.

I want everyone to know that i go back on this cruise only because of Coco Cay. I certainly do not go for Nassau. I'm not sure if RCL knows what a gem they have in this little island. The waters are clear, you can lay in 4 inches of water and relax. There are all sorts of tropical fish you can see.

RCCL puts on a nice BBQ for free as well. They have hammocks all along the shore in which you can sleep or read a nice book in quiet.

If you need some excitement, go on the Jet Ski's, we did and had a great time.

Anyone how has not been here yet, the entire cruise is worth going on just for this one day excursion.

The Casino

I don't play table games, but my friend and I both would like to extend a big thank you to RCCL for donating back some of my previous losses back this time :-) We had a great time playing the slots and if you gamble this Casino is as nice as all the other quality Casinos on other ships.

The Crew

As usual, everyone is very nice, as a matter of fact, im going out on a limb and I now see a difference in this between Carnival and RCCL. I just don't remember the staff being as nice and helpful on my last carnival cruise.

I would like to qualify this though. The staff on Carnival is also well above good as far as being helpful and cheerful.

Its one thing to be nice when approached, but the Majesty's crew helped us a few times when they saw we needed help without us asking, which was very nice.


Coco Cay is excellent.

Nassau is average at best.

Ships condition

The ship was clean, and on the inside was in new condition in many places.

On the outside, the ship is still really suffering from rust cancer. You can see that RCCL is putting more and more effort to painting her and washing her down, and it shows, but there are also some areas where you can see many layers of paint areas where rust is taking hold. There are also a fair share of dings and dents in the hull from different accidents.

One final observation, IT WAS HOT AND HUMID on the pool deck. There is no breeze what so ever and it is really uncomfortable up there if your trying to sit at the bar. It would be nice if they could figure out a way to allow some of that ocean breeze on the pool deck, maybe open some of that glass surrounding the pool. I had to go back in a few times because I was dripping.

In summary RCCL has done a nice job upgrading the Majesty. There are problems as with all cruise lines and ships. I would say if your looking for a quick getaway, the Majesty is still a better choice than Carnivals older ships on these short Bahamas trips. With that said I can't wait to see how Carnival resonds with their own upcoming refurb projects on their Bahamas bound ships.

See my pictures from this cruise and my other previous cruises at the link below.

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