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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Majesty of the Seas Bahamas March 8, 2004

Returned four days ago from our cruise on the Majesty of the Seas. This was my second cruise. We arrived at the Port of Miami a little after 11 a.m. We had about a 15 minute wait before we went through security and to the ticket windows to finalize the paper work. We then waited about 40 minutes to board the ship. Of the regular passengers waiting to board we were 15 & 16. We went to the Windjammer, ate lunch, then sat in the sun for awhile before we went to explore. Our luggage was delivered to our room well before the lifejacket drill so we had plenty of time to unpack before dinner. We had early seating, but had plenty of time to watch the city of Miami dim as we set sail before we ate. My niece and I were very excited to meet our tablemates. We were seated in the Maytime Dining Room at a table for 8. We were the only ones who made it to our table. We were a little disappointed, but as I started to get seasick, I was also a little relieved. I had to make an early night of it, my niece went to the show, casino and did some more explanation. As I was laying on my bed the phone rang. It was fellowh Cruisemates - Lisa and Mark. Through this wonderful message board we had found out we were on the same ship and emailed back and forth a little. They too were feeling seasick and were head to get some meds. They offered to bring me some, but I declined,I didn't want them to go out of their way. In true Cruisemate form they did go out of their way, picked me up some meds and delivered them to my door. I was very appreciative of their kindness. I took a pill, and by morning I was feeling much, much better.

We chose the Dolphing Encounter excursion and had a wonderful time. It was a little windy and the water was a little chilly. We then explored the town and did a little shopping. Being Formal Night we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get ready. We were excited once agian to hopefully meet some new friends at our table. Once again we were the only ones there. We felt a little conspicuous as we were toward the front of the dining room, in the elevated section. The waitstaff were all very attentive and took extra pains to visit when they had a few minutes. One hour and 15 minutes into dinner (early seating) our tablemates showed up and stated that they need all 8 seats. Our waiter said that that was not possible as only 6 were scheduled to eat at that table, and the other 2 had other seating arrangements. They were beginning to be very rude to the waitstaff (who were not too happy with such late arrivals, when they had another seating that they would have to soon prepare for). Because we were close to being done, and that I felt uncomfortable with the way they were treating the help we chose to leave the table. Other waiters were watching and questioned us as too why we felt we had to leave the table. They felt bad that we felt we had to move and asked over and over again if they could do anything. After dinner we went to the casino and met a couple who were later that night the newlyweds in the love and marriage game - they were very nice. Even though we did not win, we had fun. We then went to the Chorus Line Lounge for the game and then the show. The show was ok, I preferred Wed. nights show though. We had an early evening.

Wed - Coco Cay. We had an early time for parasailing so we wanted to get an ealy tender over. We were on the first tender, I'm not sure if another made it to the island or not. Minutes after we got to the island they started cancelling the excursions - it was windy and the winds were getting stronger. We decided to wander around and enjoy some sun. The wind was just too strong to make it enjoyable, and within a half hour or so of landing, they began to round us all back to the tender, saying if we didn't leave soon then we would be stuck there as it was just getting too windy for a safe transport back. We did make it back to the ship safely, it was quite rough, more like an adventure. Many were on the upper decks of the ship watching our return, taking pictures and video tape. We recieved a round of applause when we rejoined the ship safely. We enjoyed our at-sea day - Bingo, Casino-Shopping-Eating-Shows. That night, as I expected we were moved to a different table and met a couple from Ohio and Rhode Island. It was nice to have people to visit with and not feeling like the waitstaff had to keep us entertained. That evening we enjoyed the show.

Thursday - Key West - we chose the Big 3 Excursion - Dolphin, Snorkling and Kayaking. Again, it was quite windy and the boat ride quite chilly. We did get to see Dolphin in the Wild and that was really neat- much like going on a whale watch. We then were anchored off Archer Island - a mangrove grove in the shallow waters of Key West. The water 2s only 72 degrees, with the wind it was just too cold for me to get into the water - I only go in my pool if it is 80 degrees, and since I already was trying to recover from a sinus infection, I decided that it would not be a good idea to go in. Our tour was divided in half (half on kayaks while the other half snorkled). The longest anyone in our group stayed in the water was less than 10 minutes, most were out in less than 5. They had brought us to a sponge bed, so the only thing to see were brown sponges,with a few small brown fish (resembling minnows) to look at. For most this was a very big disappointment as we were expecting some colorful tropical fish. By the time it was our turn to kayak it was really windy. It was quite hard for us to keep up as most in our group decided to treat this time like a race, instead of a kayak around the island, with our guide pointing out different points of interest and flora and fauna, both in the sea and the trees. It was really pretty and a neat way to see lots of different things. Only wish the wind was a little less strong, and the others in the group were a little less physically fit. This was a long tour and left us little time to enjoy Key West. I'm anxious to go back and explore the Island better. It is such a picturesque place. This was also our last night, so that might tip night in the dining room. One of the couples at our table never showed up. The table of 8 that we were originally seated at, sat empty - none of them came. People were actually walking up to the waiters and telling them they forgot thier envelopes in thier cabins. My niece overheard the waitstaff commenting to each other that it was "amnesia night". We truly enjoyed all those that waited on us in the Dining room Head Waiter, Waiter and Assistant Waiters (even some from surrounding tables, that took time to speak with us) we did automatic tipping, plus included extra in our envelopes. We had brought postcards from home to decorate our day, which we never did, so we wrote thank yous on them and put them in the envelopes. They all asked all kinds of questions about the locales on the cards. Later my niece met one of the waiters and he commented how nice it was that we did that, that after dinner the all compared postcards and showed them around to the other waiter, who then wished they had gotten one too. We went to the evening show, and then to Karaoke Idol.

When we debarked the ship, it was very fast and easy. We were in the first color group called, so there was no waiting around in public areas. Just left our room and walked off board.

All in all it was fun. You can't change the weather, so that can't really factor into a true cruise report. The cabins and showers were smaller than on Carnival Sensation. The ship had less small children so it was quieter and I think a bit cleaner. I think the food was a little better on the Senstation. The decor on the Majesty of the Seas was a little nicer. I can't really decide which one I liked better. The staff on both were excellent, though Jimmy our Cabin Steward on the Majesty was just excellent and the nicest person ever. The waitstaff on both ships were very friendly and efficient. I would feel comfortable to sail either line again, I guess I would chose by determining what ports I wanted to visit and the dates I had free and plan around those with which ever line came closest to that critiria.

Thank you to all the Cruisemates who share so much knowledge and especially to Crusimates Lisa and Mark for their kindness during the Cruise. I hope to meet more of you fellow Cruisemates on my next cruise.

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