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Grandeur of the Seas
by bearaminals
Western Caribbean
February 9, 2008

My wife and I and our two children sailed on 2/9/08 to the Western Caribbean. We felt good about the price we paid for the cruise and were excited to embark on our eleventh cruise (2nd with RCL). The embarkation process was smooth and not rushed.

Our initial impressions of the room were that it was small and cramped, but not vastly different from any other cruise lines we had sailed with. I noticed that our room had a problem with a mirror that was hanging and that needed stabilizing. I contacted the cabin steward and he said that it would be taken care of.

Our two young children and I explored the ship. It is a beautiful ship with all the amenities we are accustomed to on a large ship. The staff made the mandatory muster station/lifeboat drill a decent experience, and our leader even made us laugh.

There is plenty to do on the ship from the shopping to the bars and casino. The bars served some great pina coladas. The ship has lots of open areas to talk or drink or socialize with friends.

We took our children to the kid's area and signed them up for the program. On the second day we were notified that our child had started an altercation with another kid. After discussing the situation with the kid's club representative I was told that our son's behavior would not be tolerated and that he would not be permitted to come back to the program.

My wife and I took this information pretty hard as we wished to have some alone time, as do most couples on their cruise. I asked my son for the details and he did say that another kid had made him upset and when the staff intervened the other kid teased him and called him a baby. My son responded inappropriately. I called the kid's place and attempted to explain what had happened. I was told again that my son would not be allowed to attend the kid's program.

The ports at Belize and Cozumel were lots of fun in the sun and we participated in the numerous beach activities that were offered. We enjoyed the beach and the relaxing scenery.

On the fourth night the ocean got a little choppy and while showering I heard a crash and the unstable mirror in our bathroom had crashed into a thousand pieces. I cautioned my wife not to enter and thought that I had missed the shattered mirror completely, but ended up with a small sliver in my foot. I notified the cabin steward about the mirror and the mirror was cleaned up within the hour. However, I was frustrated that this had happened at all because I notified the cabin steward at the beginning of our cruise.

The debarkation process was smooth and filled with the normal waiting periods, but RCL has a good process and we were off the ship by 10 a.m. on 2/14/08.

A short time later I notified RCL about the problems we encountered and the lack of timeliness in fixing our bathroom mirror, and the ensuing problem that resulted, as well as the problem we experienced with the kid's room staff. I was told that there was nothing that RCL could do as far as renumeration or future discount. I was frustrated again at the lack of responsiveness to a customer's concerns. We had a good time on our cruise, however, with RCL's unwillingness to address our concerns we will not be cruising with them any longer. There are too many competitors out there who do listen and address customer concerns, so we will sail with one of them.