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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Freedom of the Seas by John Vaughan Western Caribbean August 19, 2007

My wife & I finished a week long cruise on FOS on August 26th last. To say the least we were glad to be disembarking the ship on the last day. We had a most unenjoyable week on the ship from start to finish. I will not go into every detail but here is an overview of the week.

1. On boarding the ship we were told that we would recieve our bags no later than 8pm. I went to the guest services desk at 9pm to be told that we may not get them until the following morning but if I wished we could go down to the basement & have a look for them ourselves. I was on honeymoon, not working. Having travelled since early morning I was a little annoyed at these suggestions but bit my tongue. We eventually recived our bags; 1 at 10.30pm & 1 at midnight. Not good enough when you wanted to shower and get dressed for dinner!!!

2. We ate in the formal dining room on the Sunday evening and were amazed at the poor level of service and food quality. We sat at a table for 4 and even though the other 2 guests sat before us, they got preferential treatment as they had dietary requirements. We waited 30 minutes to get bread, water & for our order to be taken. The other couple were served straight away. At this stage I had had enough and walked out. On the Wednesday we gave the main dining room another try. For starters I had a crab meat salad which was on a bed of pasta. Personally I think it was prepared in Miami before we left. I had surf and turf for main course, the steak was like rubber & the fish was of an inferior quality. We left the dining room & ended up getting something to eat in The Windjammer instead!

3. Our room attendant was very rude and addressed me on numerous occasions as DEAR in a rude undermining tone. I felt I was a bold child been given out to when I asked for a shirt to be ironed late in the evening. These people expect to get tips but don't seem to want to work for them or indeed look after their guests.

These were only a few problems we faced on the ship. It was the general feeling of a lot of guests who we met over the week. I personally would suggest not using Roylal Caribbean again. You are told repeatidly that it's the biggest and best ship in the world but for me it has a long way to go in relation to staff and guest care.

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