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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Explorer of the Seas by Bryan Gitschlag Eastern Caribbean March 9, 2002

Oh my gosh!!!! i had the longest day of my life, at all the airports, changing planes, and claiming our luggage, AND having to go through customs, but as soon as i walked down up the plank, to and stepped aboard the world's largest luxury cruise ship, i new that this would for-more than compensate for the long, frustrating day.

In Nassau, we pulled in to port next to the Carnival Pride, (The largest ship in Carnival's fleet), and it was a tiny joke, next to ours. You would think that a ship that is this size, and carries over 3000 passengers would be way too crowded, and very uncomfortable for someone seeking peace and quiet, but this is hardly the case! You would never have guessed that there were that many people on board, for there were never any lines to get into the restaurants, or the theatre, or even to get a drink at the bar. despite all the people that were on the ship, i was very surprised to see how "uncrowded" it was, and there was always a place on the ship to go and find solitude and no other passengers.

All in all, i had the best week of my life this past March, and i told my family that i wanted to plan another cruise right away, and i told them this before we even stepped off the ship! the entertainment was phenomenal, the food was gourmet, the service was like hand-and-foot, and all the people on board were very, very friendly. it was very easy to make friends with other passengers, and i came home with the email addresses of many people who i met during the trip.

i liked this cruise soooo much that i am extremely reluctant to even think about booking a cruise on any line other than Royal Caribbean. it was so awesome that i would never want to settle for anything else! i highly recomend the Explorer of the Seas to anyone who is a first-time cruiser, or on their honeymoon. i will say, however, that this is a very active cruise-line, with endless parties and out-of-this-world fun!-Fun!-FUN!

Royal Caribbean--You made my dreams come true, and i look forward to sailing with you again!!!

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