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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Explorer of the Seas Eastern Caribbean November 10, 2001

I have been on several Royal Caribbean cruises and this is the most beautiful ship of all. The ship is decorated with much of brass, wood and glass, this makes it for a feeling of quality and elegance which can not be topped.

I can tell you that the food was good but yes believe it or not the smaller ship seemed to have better food in the dining room. The Windjammer was an upscale comparison to Morrison Rest. The Johnny Rest. was however, very good for fast food type burger and fries. The roomserve food was awful and the coffee onboard anywhere was totally awful. This coffee issue was a problem since my husband and I are big coffee drinkers and we could not find a good cup of coffee anywhere. The deserts where good in the dining room but not good anywhere else.

As for the entertainment, the skating show was absolutely great. The comic had alot more practice and new jokes to make he was not worth my time and many felt the same way. The night show which I only saw 2 times was good but I think the Sovereign had a much better show and considering they did not have the better equipment I felt that much improvement on the shows could be had. The shows on the Promanade are good and the Parade was very nice as well.

The service is what makes this ship top quality. I think with the exception of one individual every single individual working onboard had only the best attitude and friendly quality to them. Unfortunately ,the one was on the mid teen Adventure Ocean employee.(This made for my daughter to not go to the facility as often as she would like) According to my daughter she tried to run it like a classroom which made it more of a school atmosphere. (Raising hands to speak and yelling at other kids for being loud) The stewart was very good, he seems to alway manage to sneak in and out without being a bother and cleaning everything like magic. The dining room servers are very nice and they really direct alot of attention to the kids and their needs.

The pool area was great and there is always alot of things to do and not get bored. They have ping pong, basketball, mini golf. I think though it would be a good idea to bring some more inside activities inside for the elderly (other then bingo) and the others which can not be outside during daytime hours.

Something to keep in mind, this ship is huge not for the weak or fragile. There is alot of walking to get from one place to another and many elderly have a problem with this. The ship in my opinion is for a younger age group.

Things to remember alway be prepared, we had to take a trip to the medical facility which they are very good but the cost of medicine is high and so is the visit. (no insurance)and I am not refering to seasickness which they give you free pills at the front desk.

I would take this trip again in a heart beat. Next time better prepared and definitely in the summer. Not matter what anyone says the November water is choppy even in good weather but in June the water is like silk and the ship is so smoothe you can not remember your on a ship.

This ship is fast pace and a wonderful experience for those seeking continious action. If you like a slower pace stay with the smaller ships they are just as nice only more rest received.

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