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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Empress by Sue Danenhower Bermuda October 20, 2007

This is just to advise cruise passengers that insurance is a critical part of their vacation. We cruised with Royal Caribbean for the first time. From their name (Royal) I assumed they were a pretty top notch company.

First of all, thank goodness they sold this ship. It was entirely too small and not much entertainment onboard.

But let me get to my point. As we arrived back into the port of Philadelphia, PA, and while the crew or hired union stevadors (no one will step up to take the blame yet!) unloaded our luggage from the boat, an overloaded cart with a damaged wheel got stuck. The person pushing it wiggled the cart and 9 packages fell in the water. Naturally both my pieces of luggage were involved. One I got back totally ruined outside and all contents inside as well, and the other piece completely sank, never to be seen again.

I received $600.00 total for over $3600.00 worth of luggage and clothing I lost. I was told that had I taken the insurance I would have been covered for more money, but still not the total. The only way you might get your total back is by filing a complete checklist with items and total cost with the ship the night before debarking and paying 5% of that to them. Then between that and the insurance you already paid for at the beginning, you might stand a chance of getting a more fair reimbursement.

You cannot afford to fight these people if you are average Joes like we are.

So please readers remember my story and also remember INSURANCE PAYS!!!!!! But I still shouldn't have to pay for someone else's negligence.

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