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Royal Caribbean International Adventure of the Seas by Rob Alfonso Southern Caribbean September 2, 2007

We paid for transfers to and from the Pier in San Juan thru RCCL. While we did make our transfers both ways it should be noted that the bus we had going to the pier was ancient and the air conditioning could have worked better, but we made it. For $59 RCCL could have provided a better bus.

Embarkation in San Juan was not a breeze. We arrived around 12:45 PM and had to wait in a line the entire width of the terminal. It was HOT and humid. Finally after about 25 minutes we made it inside to check in. I would suggest to anyone on this departure port to dress lightly and buy a bottle of water at the airport.

Our cabin was great. We ordered a balcony and we got cabin 6514, which is the very first cabin on the starboard side in the front. In fact it does not share a balcony hole with its neighbor as most do.

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I have to mention this ship oddly does not have a glass balcony wall. It has heavy steel with big holes cut out. I liked the glass better.

The cabin showed no wear and tear and was very comfortable. This is a delux which affords over 200 SF and I would say is as big as a carnival balcony if not slightly bigger. This was a surprise because all you hear is how RCCL cabins are smaller, and this is probably true, but not if you spend a few extra bucks for a deluxe cabin.

We are not cruising to watch TV, but I must mention that most of the channels play RCCL content and its mostly very old programming from a few years ago. They could spruce the tv programming up a bit. RCCL does offer CNN as well as a few other channels live, but it's not that good.

The crew was really friendly. I mean I have never seen such a friendly crew. Everyone welcomes you and says hello. We even got telephone calls from the front desk and the spa asking how everything was. A very nice touch. Our dining room attendants were excellent.

Food The food in the Windjammer is very good. It does not taste like mass-made food. It was always fresh and hot and they had a good variety with one exception.

Breakfast was the same every day. Eggs, either plain scrambled, or with some addition such as onions or shrimp, links, bacon, pancakes, waffles etc.

A little variety would be nice RCCL.

I must say the little pre-made omlettes are a nice touch.

The scammbled eggs still have a funny texture. I'm not sure why but I have seen this on every RCCL ship.

Lunch and dinner were exceptional in Windjammer.

Main Dining Room: Every meal we had was great. Lots of taste, portions were good with one exception. Night six did not offer much for desert, just ice cream. I went to Ben and Jerrys instead.

Portofino's: Nice ambiance, great service. The food is ok, I would say no better than the dining room.

Room Service: Has a nice selection and is just as good as Windjammer.

Bar Service The drinks were all made very well. I drink amongst other things Mohito's, and they knew how to make a Mohito properly.

I have one BIG complaint: Someone has lost their mind at Royal Caribbean. It now costs $48 for one Soda card for a seven-day cruise. This is outrageous! It cost pennies to fill a glass with soda. I find this disturbing and a little greedy on the part of the cruise line.

The Ship This ship is amazing! It has anything you could dream to want to do, including an ice skating rink, a "main street" with little shops and bars, a screening room, basketball, jogging, theatre, many restaurants, spa, a helipad, and much much more.

If you like big ships, this is your girl. I also liked that even though this ship was filled at capacity, you almost never felt scrunched together like you do on some Carnival ships. There are wide open spaces where you can walk.

The ship is in very good shape, I saw no wear and tear on carpets or furniture for the most part. Everything was clean, the crew were constantly cleaning and you just generally felt like you could let down your guard and not worry about grime.

I saw no rust, and the crew looked like they are constantly painting and washing the outside. A++++ on the ship's condition.

The ride was very smooth also. This ship is HUGE, waves get out of its way. I hardly ever felt much motion at all. When I did, it was the gently rocking side to side that I love when I am falling asleep.

In summary, I was very impressed with the Adventure of the Seas, so much so that I cannot compare Carnival to RCCL anymore because this class of ship is much better than anything Carnival has got, period.

One final note: Book all of your excursions early, they go quick. It's hard as heck to win at Bingo, wait until the last night to play the $2000 jackpot, and stay away from that silly money pusher game machine, you will never put enough in it to push that $50 over.

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