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Princess Cruises Sun Princess Southern Caribbean October 12, 2003

There were several items that kept this from being a stellar experience.

1. Food was somewhere between a hospital cafeteria and a wedding buffet. Every single salad dressing was creamy, even when ordering the vinagarette. The waiter explained that these were emulsions. Call them what you will, but vinagarettes are not creamy. If you try ordering Crumbly Bleu Cheese with Italian dressing, they look at you funny, then said the head waiter over to tell you it is not available.

2. From the time we arrrived at the airport to meet the overpriced, slow shuttle to the ship, we felt like this was the first time they had ever done this. The cattle herders were rude and non-imformative. The warehouse they use to herd you on and off the boat was like an old WWII hangar, sans the whimsy.


3. One reason we picked this line was because they are rated low for kiddie activities. (Personally, I think children should be placed in a shark cage and dragged behind the ship. Not every recreation in the world should be geared to families.) The swimming pools meant for children were closed for maintenance the whole ten days and I never saw anyone working on them.

4. I had been told that even traditional cruises have a gay presence on them. Not so on this breeder boat. (I don't mind straight people, as long as they act gay in public.) We found one other gay couple on the ship. Aside from them, an Assistant Cruise Director, and the male dancers from the production shows, the rest of the folks on board were terminally hetero.

5. The Princess philosophy is to hock you at every turn for more money or 'nominal fees.' I have been to Disney several times. Their mission is also to separate you from your income. But they are so much nicer and less blatant about it.

6. The $104 deep massage was worth about $50 tops. I wasn't looking for kinky, but I was expecting something more relaxing than what I got. The other spa treaments were snake-oil-ish. They had something called ionotherapy or something like that for $120 a treatment. The add in the Princess Patter said you could lose 1 to 8 inches in a single treatment. What, short of surgery, could do that? The only weight you could lose would be in your wallet.

7. The Princess Patter was the best publication I have read written by an 'English-as-a-second-language' student. Typos galore. Endless plugs for the Art Auctions and some gem called Tanzamite. An ad for the Sterling Steak House read "Your last chance to taste our thick succulent meat." Is that a little bizarre or what?

8. Most of the entertainment was free and worth half the price.

I could go on, but I wouldn't want you to think that I am whiny.

This just was not worth the price of admission.

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