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Star Princess
by rasx
South America
February 14, 2009

Princess Cruises -- Air Deviation Fee Scheme

This was by far the worst of our many trips (including 15 cruises) all over the world. Princess booked us on a very tight flight connection and would not change it unless we paid hundreds more in "Air Deviation Fees." We declined and suffered the consequences. As feared, we missed our flight and had to make it on our own to South America to catch the Star Princess at her second port of call. We incurred considerable expenses which Princess refused to reimburse us for, claiming it was a "legal" air connection. We did not get our luggage until returning home on the 18th day.

This was our first cruise on Princess and we would not consider using their services again. A quick search of the internet will disclose many of the questionable business practices they employ including the "Air Deviation Fee" scheme they used on us. We believe that their scheme works like this. A customer books a cruise and makes the final payment. About 20-30 days before departure Princess issues the air schedule. The customer notes that they have many short and/or tight connections and expresses his concern. Princess tells the customer that it is a "legal" connection, but they will change it for an "Air Deviation Fee" (One man we spoke with on the ship paid an additional $1400 to get an acceptable schedule.) Since the customer is now in the penalty phase of the booking, Princess will keep all or most of the customer's money if they cancel.