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Princess Cruises Sea Princess by DenisUK Southern Caribbean March 10, 2007

Princess ships still offer excellent service across the world and are our preferred cruise company as UK customers. However, there is one part of the experience that rates as our worst travelling in 35 years. The airline used between the UK and Barbados has to give the worst flight experience possible. Ineptitude on the ground - with resulting serious delays, and cramped uncomfortable seats once you get on board. Princess and the airline seem unable to coordinate between them or take responsibility, each suggesting talk to the other. Between 8 and 12 hours of misery in both directions.

Flights for other destinations with Princess have been wonderfull. Last years flights to and from Barbados were rubbish and this years even worse beyond our worst expectations.

Be warned. We are now going to use another cruise line to the Caribbean as Princess have no interest in our comments. It takes 2 or 3 days to recover at the beginning of the cruise and the same dreading the journey home at the other end. Long haul is daunting enough - but enough is enough.

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